8 How's to Minimize Your Life’s So You can Have More Game Life to Excel as the Top Player

8 How's to Minimize Your Life’s So You can Have More Game Life to Excel as the Top Player

This blog article is written half jokingly and half seriously. Some of the examples that I provide here may be bad. However the main purpose of this post is to provide you with creative ideas. Once you implement these ideas, you can play your online games better and without interruptions. The ability to play with complete focus is essential for you to succeed in most of the MMORPG’s.

Some of my advices may not be healthy, however if you do implement parts or all of my advice. By implementing my strategies, you will be able to have lots of time at your bidding. It should be noted that I did use these tips myself during my early years of online game playing. I have been through all of these myself personally.

1. Say No to Other Forms of Entertainment
Cut off all other forms of entertainment. Other forms of entertainment waste your time from 24/7 leveling. Shut down the TV. Forget about the Movies. Finally just say NO to all the bowling, drinking, poker parties, etc. Keep everything to the minimum other than the game that you are playing.

2. Eating In (Microwave) to Save Time
Consider eating frozen foods or take out from fast food places. Frozen foods save you more time because you can buy more sittings of meals with just one errand run. Always have a stash of frozen food that do not require cooking or mixing. You want to be able to continue playing while the microwave is doing the cooking.

3. Minimize Social Calling
Cut off all communications with your real life friends, they cannot help you level or win in mass PvP wars. Stop thinking about how great it is if you get them to play with you. Chance is that you will be far stronger than your real life peers if you take the MMORPG seriously. Having them around will most likely slow you down.

4. Only Network with Real Life People that Can Help You
Be creative on what kind of people in real life that can minimize the time you have to spend doing life’s work. For example, if you are in school, you can network with friends whom you can copy homework from your classmates. If you are working, make good relationship with coworkers that can cover your shift if your guild needs you for long duration dungeon run. If you have your own business, well you really should not waste all this time playing MMORPG.

5. Consider Outsourcing
Outsource some of the work that you have to do around the house. Get a maid to clean your bathroom, kitchen, and even do your laundry. These little life nuisances can be outsourced so you have more time to play the game of your choice. However, be careful that you do need to make decent income for outsourcing your chores to make sense.

6. Shorten Your Daily Tasks
List out everything you do in life. Such as showering, brushing, drinking water, etc. Yes you should still take showers although you find it unnecessary when you only care about leveling. Implement ways to minimize the time spent doing these tasks. Think creatively and discipline yourself. Can you minimize your shower time to mere 3 minutes so you can get back to leveling? Do you have decent teeth that a pure mouthwash will do instead of brushing? Keep cases of water next to you so you do not have to get up to get a drink. By minimizing all these little wastes, you will end up having more online time to play.

7. Dump the Girlfriend, maybe your parents too
Minimize or cut off any sort of connection with people that tend to take away lots of your time. Girlfriends (or boyfriends) require a lot of effort to maintain; they will yell and cry at you especially if they do not understand why you play. Give yourself a break and just dump the ones that do not work out. Your parents also nag at you often, grab the first opportunity to move out if you can make it on your own. Without your parents nagging at you whenever you play, you will be able to focus more and excel.

8. Do get a Good Paying Job
Somehow, do find a way to make good money so that you can support yourself and your gaming needs. A huge chunk of people’s lives is to work and save up money. If your parents are rich or if you can get a decent paying job, you will have to worry about money less. You can then play more and own other people at your favorite MMORPG’s. In addition, many F2P games nowadays offer cash shop items that give players an additional edge. At the end of this spectrum, money and cash is king.

Yes, you do have to make some sacrifices in order to fully make your gaming life blossom. Some people think it’s a waste of time and money. Yet, we all know, at the end, it only matters if it is the life that you choose to have. No regrets. I sincerely hope by taking my advice, you can become the top players at your server.

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