Recover from Being Gold Digged – Steps to Survive Through the Heartbreak

Recover from Being Gold Digged – Steps to Survive Through the Heartbreak

You have ignored all the top warning signs of gold diggers. You have poured out your heart, your money, your items and gears, and maybe even your account. Emotion has gotten the best of you, and the girlfriend that you think loved you just took all your items and account. She is either now no where to be found, or she has dumped you and be with another player that is more powerful than you. What do you do? Below are the steps that I recommend you should take:

1. Realize that It was Just a Scam
Do not take it personal. Gold diggers are scammers in nature in which they use your emotions to scam away your items. All the lovey dovey, all the time spent together, was simply just an act to get you loosen up with your online gifts and money. By realizing that it was a scam, you will not feel that you are the reason why the online girlfriend leaving you. She was bound to leave you either when she sucked you dry, or why she has found a better mark.

2. Support from Guild Mates and Other Player Friends
If you have lost quite a bit because of the scam, do not be afraid to start over and ask for help from your friends. Do not feel ashamed that your ex-sweetheart stole all your stuff. The chances are that your closest and the strongest guild mates are all guys. Guys understand that sometimes girls do get the best of us and end up with our money and gears. Just look at the divorce cases and notice what happens. Look to your guildies for emotional support if you do need it.

3. Take a break from MMORPG
Take a break from the game if all the game does is to remind you of your heartbreak. Get yourself away from the scene where it all happened. Play another game, or take up another hobby in real life, or finish some projects that you have long abandoned due to excess gaming. By doing something else, you get your mind off the girl and the fact that you have lost it all.

4. Keep Your Heart Open
Not all online girl players are gold diggers who are trying to get your money. Still keep your heart and door open to accept any one that has the potential of walking into your heart. Do not give up and still believe that love exist in online dating. Believing this will make you happier no matter where you go.

5. Be Smarter Next Time
With this lesson learned, be smarter next time when you open your heart to others. This lesson should also be applied to real life relationships and dating. Good luck!

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