Blade Wars Online Review and Game Play Video

Blade Wars Online Review and Game Play Video

SkyBlue's Blade Wars Online Review
Blade Wars is a Chinese MMORPG with 2D and 3D elements. The game lets the players choose between three races and 5 sub character classes. The races available are the Abyssals, Humans, and Immortals, who are locked in a battle for dominance.

It features fast based combat and awards additional experience points for people who play in groups. Blade wars also have guild battles and pvp arena, however due to the low player base, these PvP features are not that great.

The selling point of this game is that you can create your own combos which bring multiple variance in character playability. However, the monster themselves are easy to beat and provide low challenge. In addition, this MMORPG offers limited display options.

If you like Chinese martial arts and do not mind the dated graphics that this online game has to offer, you should definitely give Blade Wars a try for its unique combo system. However, there may be other better games that you can spend time on that do not hurt your eyes.

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