Legend of Edda Simple Dissemble Guide

Legend of Edda Simple Dissemble Guide

This guide will teach you the basic of getting started with item disassembly in Legend of Edda. Item dissemble is important because you will be able to get upgrade stones at cheaper prices. You can then level up your equipments more. I have included simple and straight forward walkthrough that will help you with the item dissemble process. For For in-game pictures, you could visit jinx_222’s forum post Guide: Item Crafting

Below are the steps to get started with item dissemble in Legend of Edda:

1. Get Equipments to Dissemble
You would need to dissemble green items or above in order to get weapon and armor upgrade stones.

2. Get the Item Dissemble Kit
You can buy the dissemble kits for low amount of gold.

3. Visit Your Local Crafting Anvil
Click on the anvil and select the item dissemble option. You will then be able to break your equipments to obtain materials such as upgrade stones. Use those upgrade stones to further level up your equipments.

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