Legend of Edda Player Class Introductions

Legend of Edda Player Class Introductions

This guide discusses the basics of the different classes offered in Legend of Edda. It is important for beginner players to choose a player character that suits your personality and playing needs. Hopefully this guide will help you get a good start in Legend of Edda.

The classes that are offered in Legend of Edda are Fighters which include Warrior and Swordsman. Rogues which include Assassin and Archer. And finally the Mage class which include Cleric and Wizard.

Warrior: The main tanking class of Legend of Edda. Warriors can equip shields and can taunt mobs to keep aggro on them.

Swordsman: The main 1 vs 1 damage dealing class of Legend of Edda. Swordsmen can deal decent consistent damage with a fair critical hit rate.

Assassin: The steal melee class of Legend of Edda. They can deal critically powerful blows to enemies under a short period of time.

Archer: Ranged class with high agility and control skills to slow/snare enemies. Beginning stage of Archers are weak but they pick up at later stages in terms of damage.

Clerics: The support class of Legend of Edda that can both heal and provide buffs. Although they do have offensive skills, they are still relatively weaker to Wizards in terms of magic damage.

Wizard: The powerful magic class of Legend of Edda that can deal great AoE damage to numbers of mobs.

Again, I want to stress that you should play the characters that you enjoy the most. However, it is the same as most MMORPG’s, if you do choose classes such as warrior the tank or clerics the healers, you will most likely level more in group at later stages. However as a weak beginner, it is always hard playing with those two classes. I personally like to start with DPS classes when I try out a game just to get to understand the game mechanics and game play.

I hope your choices will work out for you and you will enjoy playing in the online world of Legend of Edda! Good luck!

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  1. Nice guide, though I have to disagree with you on the 'warriors and clerics are really hard to level on your own' part. I love healing so I chose a cleric. In most games levelling with them sucks indeed, but I do nice damage in LoE and if I get low in health I heal myself or use HP-pots (which heal a fair deal). It may be a little bit harder, but it really could be worse. Have fun playing =D