Why Botting Is Evil in MMORPG’s.

Why Botting Is Evil in MMORPG’s.

I am a die hard believer that botting is bad. I believe that none of the serious players should consider botting in their MMORPG games. Below are some of the reasons why I believe that way.

1. Game Economy Alters
The game communities which are heavily infested with bots typically will have skyrocketed inflation. Yes, the communities with high population tend to have higher inflation at end game stages. However, the bots make the phenomenon considerably worse. Typically MMORPG’s have cash and money drains such as pots and upgrading costs. Botting does not drain away any of those costs.

Programmed bots typically sit or rest for regen and use the lowest possible equipments in case of getting caught. So basically all the money and gold that they get is pure profit.
High inflation makes the playing of honest players harder.

2. Bot Crowds the maps
When a player make multiple accounts and farm out all his little bot armies. They flood different maps and channels. These bots compete for mobs with other regular honest players. Because these bots steal mobs exp from the honest players, it makes leveling and playing harder. More people would quit or even bot themselves when they are fed up with competing in empty maps full of bots. This vicious cycle draws real players away from the game. It will eventually hurt the gaming community and game publisher’s income.

3. Bot Steals Loots
Bots are truly evil in games that let loots drop down to the floor and anyone can pick them up. I have hunt many times in Ragnarok Online for rares which have been stolen by bots. I was mad as hell. Have you been stolen from these dammed bots and you just want to swear never to play again. Bots are especially evil in this aspect because they bring frustration for honest players.

4. Offset PvP Games
Because botting takes away the “real playing” away from the game, you would end up have some rich and high level players who have no idea how to play their character. These players would simply use their levels and equipments to overpower the honest players. PvP plays should be both from skill, build, and the hard worked equipments. Botting undermines the work that honest players put into getting the equipments.

When the cheaters prosper in the PvP arena, it discourages the honest players to even attempt to play in those places.

5. Kill the Community
With all the hassles that these floods of bots that bring to the pool of real players, bad economy, bad leveling spots, loot get stolen and poor PvP play. The “real player” pool of community would shrink more and more. The empty slots will get filled by the players who join the botting schemes themselves. Eventually the game will turn into the bot farmers logging into the game once per day to participate in PvP wars. The community will then be dead without real players. The real MMORPG should be community based with many guilds and player who support each other. Bots can take away all of those.

Final Words:
If you really have to bot because you have lame excuses such as you have no time to play, you should just play in private servers. You can achieve higher levels with even better equipments within the amount of time necessary to setup your bots. Save the honest players the hassle of dealing with your dumb botting armies.

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