Land of Chaos (LOCO) Online Review and Game Play Video

Land of Chaos (LOCO) Online Review and Game Play Video

SkyBlue's Land of Chaos (LOCO) Online Review
LOCO – Land Of Chaos Online is a free to play cross-genre online game that combines RPG, TPS and Tactical. The best of all, it is a free MMO game.

The player makes a selection of three heroes and equips them with skills that can suit both your playing style and strategy. These heroes are to be developed well and their skills evolved as high as possible. It should be noted the buffs and advancements can be quite overpowered once the experienced player grinds their gears and skills. It may be a little harder for complete beginners to get started.

During gameplay, the players will band in teams either on side side the Forces of Nature or the Army of Purgatorium. The skill system in Land of Chaos Online is great such that you have many skill selections. Although some of these skills are imbalanced, they do provide quite a bit varieties in the different end game builds.

By allowing players to switch heroes during the match. A well coordinated and strategical team can completely change their game play based on the skills and stats associated with the heroes. This variation brings about a huge tactical part of the game.

Land of Chaos Online is a truly unique MMO experience that’s well worth your time. The game’s in depth skill system distinguish it from the competition. However though, this game is easy to get started and your hands on. Yet it is hard to master with some many tactics and strategies that you have to keep in mind.

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