Ether Saga Online Review and Game Play Video

Ether Saga Online Review and Game Play Video

SkyBlue's Ether Saga Online Review
Ether Saga Online is a great game with decent graphics. However, there are still some english translation issues when it is imported into English. The skill animation are pretty colorful yet very straight forward.

Although there are skill and stats development, yet they are not complicated and most end game characters will have similar stats with maxed builds. This game offers many items such that you will most likely need to spend real money to buy cash items and expend your bag slots. However, Ether Saga does offer in-game trading with other players for money points. Yet the prices fluctuate quite often due to supply and demand.

As this game is a bit old at the time of this review, it is a little hard to complete lower level dungeons with players because most dedicated players are currently at high levels.

This online game at end stages require massive grind in order to level up skills because skills level up with a separate "spirit" system which is pretty much EXP for skills. Other than that, with its cute characters and straight forward character building, you should definitely give this game a try at lower levels.

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