Perfect World International Online Review and Game Play Video

Perfect World International Online Review and Game Play Video

SkyBlue's Perfect World International Online Review
Perfect World International is a fun game at the beginning because it feels new with great graphics. The PvP arena is fun at the beginning given that both players do not use Cash Shop items, however the Cash Shop users tend to be more overpowered than the ones that do not spend money. Although there's in-game trading system that lets you trade in-game gold for real money points, the inflated economy has made it hard to play without depositing.

The end game PvP is fun if you have spent the time and money to practice, grind, and gear up your characters. In terms of quest and leveling, it does tend to get a little repetitive after level 50~70 range.

The class system is semi balanced with a couple higher on the PvP scale such as Psychics, Venomancers and Archers. Wizards are the underpowered class. The game is quite beautiful in terms of graphics and you could customize your character with various transformations.

If you are simply looking for an online game to waste a couple of afternoons, you should definitely check out Perfect World Internationals. However, if you are determined to be great at the PvP arena without driving yourself crazy, you will need to make sure that you have plenty of time to grind and shell out your cash.

Perfect World International does have the potential to be a great online game. So definitely check it out. Just do not spend too much money on it!

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