Jade Dynasty Online Review and Game Play Video

Jade Dynasty Online Review and Game Play Video

SkyBlue's Jade Dynasty Online Review
Jade Dynasty Online is in many ways similar to the popular Perfect World International where it has great graphics, simple auto-walk system, cool flying mounts, and great PvP battles.

However, it does suffer the same issues with the other Perfect World games such as character build customization and some classes tend to be more powerful than the others. In addition, in this game you must level up to level 15 before you are allowed to choose a class.

In terms of gameplay grind, this game does require you to spend considerable amount of time. To counter that, the game offers in-game botting system that it allows you to level up automatically by leaving the computer on. Yet, this effect does kill the community that you will find little to no real players playing the game. The only places you may find real players are PvP situations such as the fort wars.

If you are looking for a game with graphic and animation pleasing to your eyes with simple game play, Jade Dynasty is for you. If you want to be able to equip cool looking equipments, Jade Dynasty is for you. In addition that you do not really want to spend the time to grind for your characters. Jade Dynasty is the game for you because you can both enjoy the botting without being banned, and you could play in PvP with other players.

Give Jade Dynasty a try, you might like it!

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