Heroes of Three Kingdoms (HoTK) Online Review and Game Play Video

Heroes of Three Kingdoms (HoTK) Online Review and Game Play Video

SkyBlue's Heroes of Three Kingdoms (HoTK) Online Review
Heroes of Three Kingdoms (HoTK) is another great release done by Perfect World. The selling point of HoTK is it boasts a total possible of 18 different classes based on the weapons that you can wield. On top of the 18 different weapons, you could choose a sub-class as well to further power up your character. However, to level up your characters fully take a considerable amount of grinding and leveling up.

Although there are many classes offered in HoTK, the class balance is decent such that different weapons have different strengths and powers. You would have to experiment and research more in order to find the combination that would work for you.

Similar to other Perfect World games, PvP is highly encourage in the game in which you could get start getting killed pretty early in the game. The game also has great weapon crafting system that you can get the majority of your basic equipments through crafting. Auto-navigation also makes your questing easy and hassle free.

The game play does get repetitive after completing the same quests over and over. The game has repeatable quests which are good for exp yet repetitive in nature. In addition, you do not get to customize your character much in terms of appearance.

The graphical content I personally think is weaker than the other Perfect World games. They are less elaborate or I shall say pretty. Yet they do match better with the "ancient" China kind of game setting. Finally, some of the in-game instances match with the real event that has occurred.

If you like Chinese history and different martial arts move from different Chinese weapons. You should definitely play this game to learn more about the different moves and styles associated with each.

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