Legend of Edda Simple Item Strengthen Guide

Legend of Edda Simple Item Strengthen Guide

Below is a simple guide of how to strengthen your equipments in Legend of Edda.

1. Visit the Anvil
Visit the Anvil in town to start the item strengthen process by selecting “Item Strengthen”

2. Insert the Equipments
Put the desired equipment and corresponding Upgrade Stone into the menu. Upgrade and pray for the best.

3. Obtain Basic Upgrade Stones
Both the Weapon Upgrade Stone and the Armor Upgrade Stone can be purchased from the Material Merchant or received from Disassembly green or higher equipments.

4. Strengthen Limit
The limit of strengthening level is currently set at +10

5. Item Breakage
There are chances that the items may degrade or downgrade depending on its current level.

7. Protection Glove
Later in game, protection glove will be available via Cash Shop to protect equipments from breakage.

8. Advanced Enchantment (Side note)
Advanced Enchantment such as elemental enhancement will be available later in game via bosses such as raids and world bosses. These offer better improvement of yours gears and will become the best in-game.

9. Equipment Glow
Only your weapon will show glow when its strengthened past +4. Different upgrade levels will show different color of glow. Level 4 shows a yellow glow while level 10 shows a cool blue glow.

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