Aika Online Review and Game Play Video

Aika Online Review and Game Play Video

SkyBlue's Aika Online Review
Aika is a free fantasy MMORPG that closely resembles the PvP elements in pay to play MMORPGs. In other words, its game-play is heavily based on PvP.

Aika's main selling point is its Realm vs Realm battles which can handle up to great many of players. Although its advertised as 1000 vs 1000, it does suffer the lag problem when more players are connected through the map.

The Realm vs Realm system is based off 5 nations which dwell in parallel universes.
The different nations constantly battle each other for relics which offer additional bonuses such as addition HP, MP, drop rate, and etc.

Other than the usual mounts and classes system, the game replaces its pet system with "prans" which are little fairy girls that follow you around.

The overall game play is fun, however the game becomes quite grindy past level 50 mark.

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