Soul Master Gem Socketing Guide

Soul Master Gem Socketing Guide

Below is a simple walkthrough on how to socket gems into your equipments. For another good guide with in-game screen shots, visit RawrHatz’s How to: Socket Gems

1. Get the Proper Equipments with Gem Slots
Currently the only equipments with sockets are level 30 equipments. The gem socket slot is determined when you identify it using the identification scroll or the blessed identification scroll bought from the cash shop. Currently you have chance of getting 0-2 slots equipments.

2. Check for Equipment Gem Slot
Check the stats of your equipments. If the equipments have slots, the number of available slots will show under the power level as square boxes.

3. Enter the Equipment Page
Double click on the equipment and another menu will pop out prompting you to slot gems.

4. Drag the Gems into the Menu
Drag your gem of choice into the available slots to the left.

5. Add Socketing Protection
You could add gem protection scroll bought from the cash shop to improve your chance of gem socketing. It should be noted that if your gemming effort does fail, your equipment is not lost; all you lose are the gems themselves.

6. Check for your total bonuses
After you have fully equipped all of your gemmed equipments, you can check for your total bonuses by clicking the “Optional Stats” under your character’s menu.

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