Staying Sane and Happy Playing Games With Your Girlfriend If She Sucks at It

Staying Sane and Happy Playing Games With Your Girlfriend If She Sucks at It

So what if you have ignored what I said about what is bad about getting your girlfriend to play games with you. You have gone out and persuaded the girl you are dating into playing. Now she is in love with playing, yet the truth is, she sucks and you are having a horrible time.

Below are the steps that you should take with the girl that you are dating:

1. Evaluate
Although you have tried hard at the beginning to get your date to play with you, now think about whether or not it is worth it. Do you really enjoy it? If not, you should take action to either stop playing with her, or train yourself to put up with it. If you want to quit playing, read on to step two. If you want to continue, read on from step three.

2. Quit Playing
This is the easy way to go. Simply quit the game and convince her to quit as well. Explain to her that you really do not enjoy it. However, if you do this, your girlfriend will automatically either think she’s not good enough to play, or you do not want to play with her. Either way, she probably will not pick up another game with you throughout your dating life with her.

3. Remember
By choosing to put up with her unskillfulness in gaming, you need to constantly remind yourself why you wanted her to play in the first place while dating. Did you want to have more game time? Did you want to stay up later without your girlfriend being mad at you? Did you want to have someone who can help you while gaming? Remember all the good reasons that you had can keep you going longer.

4. Be Patient
Be patient with girls especially when you are dating. This applies to everything that you would do as a couple. Do not rush her at things such as completing quests or leveling up. If your girlfriend likes to take her time to explore the world, be patient with her so that she can have a relaxing time while playing. Do not get angry or mad if you think that she is slowing you down. Remember you wanted to have a good time with her.

5. Be Understanding and Supportive
Although some girls can be quite good at gaming, the truth is that the average guy still plays better than the average female. Guys do tend to have faster short term reaction time and ability to complete mundane tasks better. You should be understanding and supportive of your dating girl’s natural short comings. Encourage her to practice and become better if she truly enjoys the game. Soon she may be able to play at the same level as you.

6. Take Gaming Less Seriously and Dating More Seriously
One way to cope with your dating girl’s game play is to lower your own expectations of gaming. Take leveling and becoming the best at the game down one notch. Enjoy the time and interaction between you and your girlfriend. Start taking dating more seriously compared to gaming, this will make your dating life a lot more enjoyable.

7. Never Play The Game By Yourself
Even if you truly dislike playing with your girlfriend with any game while she enjoys it. You should not play the game and progress through the content without her. If you do so, the girl will feel left out and lost and will stop playing with you.

Although playing by yourself might be what you want to do ultimately because she sucks. It is better to break it down with her rather than playing it secretly while she is sleeping, schooling, etc.

By playing without telling her, she will feel betrayed and lose trust in you. This is something that you do want to avoid in dating life. Play the game with your girlfriend and explore the world with her, your loved one will feel a lot more secured and love being with you.

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