8 Steps to Calm Your Girlfriend Down When She Gets Mad at You For Playing Too Much

8 Steps to Calm Your Girlfriend Down When She Gets Mad at You For Playing Too Much

This blog post is dedicated to all the online and offline gamer guys out there. It is tough to keep up with the dating and the games. If you are good at what you are playing, and you are dating with long term girlfriend, your girlfriend must have been once very angry with you for playing too much or some other reasons related to gaming.

These tips will help you with the steps to calm your mad girlfriend down and stabilize your dating life.

Imagine this scenario, it is 4:00 a.m. in the morning. You are sitting in living room with your TV or leveling with your beloved online character. The girl that you have been dating just woke up for whatever reason, she storms in front of you crying and screaming. What do you do then?

If you do not handle this situation well, you may lose in the dating game and lose the girl forever. You should take these following steps if you do still want to keep her as your girlfriend. (I will write about the correct steps to take if you do not want to continue dating her.)

1. Calm Yourself Down and Do Not Get Angry
As a guy I know that you really do not care about the time of the day it is or how much you have played. You just want to play, life is simple, and dating is simple. Leveling online and get passed through the levels are more important.

However, do not get angry if the girl that you are dating is trying to stop you. Calm yourself down first and think that the girl simply needs you at that moment.

2. Look at the Girlfriend (Aka Make Eye Contact)
I know how much you want to play more of your online games and your character may die. No matter what, DO make eye contact with her to let the girl know that you acknowledge her. Move on to the next step right away in talking to her.

3. Tell Her You Will Shut Down Now
This step is important because the girl you are dating wants answer NOW and she wants a response from you. If you stay silence because you are pissed off about the game play, she will be even more pissed off. Use your voice to calm her down by saying that you will stop playing for the time being and talk to her. At this time you buy yourself sometime to finish what you are playing.

Depending on your girlfriend’s personality, you may have 1 minute upwards to 10 minutes to finish up before your girl blows up again. You should use your experience of dating the girlfriend to determine how you want to handle it. I suggest turning off the computer right away to avoid further blow up.

4. Shut down Your Computer or Game Consoles
Our beloved gaming machines and TV are unusually loud and distracting especially after you have played for a long time late night. Shut them off so you can have some quite time with the girlfriend. Being able to calm your crazy girlfriend down is a huge part in dating, make the environment more comfortable and less distracting is essential.

5. Listen to Her
After you shut off your games, the girlfriend will want to talk about how pissed off she is and how much she dislikes you for playing. Do not explain yourself about why you play at this time, just listen about her concerns will do. If you explain yourself at all, the nice little talk may become another crying and screaming session.

6. Make Promises (Can be False)
After the talking, make some sort of future promises about your dating life with her. It should not be totally unrealistic but sometimes it could be false. The only purpose of this part is to reassure your girlfriend and make them feel good. Reassure them that your online or offline gaming will not interfere with your relationship. Let them know that you still care about them more than anything. Stick to things that are sweet and nice even though you know that you are hating them from stopping your nice all-nighter gaming session.

Note: If you make too many false promises, your girlfriend may eventually leave you still.

7. Kiss and Make Up
By this time the girl you are dating should be quite calmed down. Give her a kiss to reassure her again that everything is OK.

8. Move On
Now you both can move on by going to sleep together or go out to get an early breakfast. I do not recommend you to go back to game play right away because your girlfriend would not appreciate that.

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