5 Pros and Cons of Getting The Girl You Are Dating Into Games

5 Pros and Cons of Getting The Girl You Are Dating Into Games

Do you love gaming and consider it more of your life compared to dating? Do you have a girl that you are dating? In that case, you must have tried or are currently thinking about getting your girl to play the game with you. However, if you really think about it, would it really be better if you can get the girl you are dating to play with you?

I will analyze the pros and cons for you in this blog article:

1. Leveling Partner
It is often good to have a consistent team when you are leveling in an online mmorpg. If you can get the girl to play and grind with you all the time, you may end up leveling faster because there is less down time. This effect is discussed in my 10 Steps to Level Up Faster.

2. Additional Time Spent Together
If you already spend a lot of your free time online to play games. By asking the girl you are dating to play with you and make characters, you will both spend more time together.

3. Consistent Follower
With a girlfriend gamer dating you and on your side in the online game. You may have more say and more power in your guild because whatever you say or decide would be two votes. Most of the time people may take you more seriously especially if you and your date are both good players.

4. Sparring Partner
The girl that you are dating makes a great sparring or practice partner in games. You can try out and practice new moves before unleashing them on your usual crowd of friends. You can also experiment with new games and new ideas with your girlfriend. This applies especially when you have friends who take gaming really seriously.

5. Feeling of playing with a girl
As a guy, I can only say for myself that sometimes it just simply feels nicer to play with girls in games. It might not be more fun or challenging in terms of game play, but the fact that you are playing with a girl makes it fun. I personally like the interaction between myself and my girlfriend regardless of the game that we play.


1. Slow You Down In Leveling
When you finally get the girl to play with you, you may realize that your date simply sucks at gaming. At this rate, your date will only slow you down in leveling and pull you back from achieving the girl of being top of the server. It gets worse if she actually enjoy the game play because you will be stuck leveling with a weak player.

2. Additional Time Spent Together May Not Be Quality Time
As guy gamers, some of you play games to get to the top of the online server where you are playing. You go for the fastest leveling spots with the least talking and work possible. Your girlfriend may not appreciate that and consider that not to be “quality time.” The girl that you are dating will eventually start nagging about the lack of quality time when all you do become grinding.

3. Forced to Play Favorites
When you have a guild as a guild leader, most of the time it is important to be fair as discussed in my How to be a Successful Guild Leader guide. However when you have your date in your guild, it becomes necessary for you to start playing favorites with your girlfriend. You do not want to piss off your girlfriend and make her sad, so you may end up judging things in her favor.

4. Less Intimacy and Make Out Sessions
With a serious gamer girlfriend, your date may start being more careless about her looks and weight. These ideas can make her less attractive. In addition, if she does devote most of her time to playing games, you may end up getting less action because she would be tired and play till late night every day. Be careful about what you ask for when it comes to your dating life.

5. May Hurt Your Ego
What if you are dating a girl who plays games better than you do? What if she kicks your ass in every game you like? That would be a huge blow to your ego and you may become a laughing stock among your peers. Be careful with that if that you do get your girl addicted to playing and beating you, you cannot start saying no to playing.


At the end of my analysis, I consider it more beneficial not to convert my girlfriend into a serious gamer. How about you?

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