How to Find and Start Dating a Girl who Likes Games

How to Find and Start Dating a Girl who Likes Games

Before you start thinking about how great it is to start dating a girl who is a serious gamer, you should consider the pros and cons of having a gamer girlfriend. However, once you have made up your mind, it is a lot easier to find someone who loves games rather than converting one.

Below are some of the methods that you should consider:

1. Online Dating Sites
There are a couple online dating sites that let you list out your hobbies and what you look for in girlfriends, such as personalities, likes, and dislikes. Try out some of these dating sites to narrow down your searches.

2. Social Networking Sites
Use these networking sites to your dating advantage. Typically people put on their profiles things that they really enjoy. You could consider searching for people in the particular genre of games that you are looking for. Be careful not to become stalker-ish during your search, instead keep your mind and options open. There are many great people out there that you have chances of dating.

3. Join local gaming clubs, tournaments, and arcades
Frequently visit the places that gamers usually hang out at. Approach the girls that you are interested in to ask for any potential dates. You should even hone your skills so that you can impress the girls at whichever game that you are playing. If you stand out from the crowd, you are more likely to get to dating gamer girls.

4. Use your real friend’s social connections
Make friends in real life and ask them if they know any girls who play games. Ask them to ask those girls to come playing games with you guys. It is a lot easier to approach girls especially if you have a friend who knows them already. You could also consider hosting video game parties and ask people to join. You would have plenty of opportunities to start dating via your friend’s connections, especially when you are the host.

5. Online Gaming Sites such as MMORPG or Sim Sites
If you do play these games, keep your eyes open for available female players who may end up being your girlfriend. You do need to look out for some of the major things such as verifying that the “girl” in-game is really a girl before you start trying to date her. You could definitely meet new people via this route, if you do start dating, you know that the girl plays your game by default.

These are my 5 tips of finding and start dating girls who play games. Good luck finding the girls of your dreams!

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