Is She a Gold Digger In Your Online Game? – The Top Warning Signs

Is She a Gold Digger In Your Online Game? – The Top Warning Signs

It is tempting to pour your heart and your hard earned money in games on some “girls” while you are dating. It is essential for you to tell and notice whether or not she’s only a gold digger. By telling by observation early in the dating stage, you will save yourself from potential heart break and your online money.

Below are the top 9 warning signs:

1. She Changes Boyfriends Like She Changes Gear Tiers
If you take a look at her dating past in your MMORPG, try to notice if there is any pattern between the strengths and richness of the players. If she does, you are simply her “next gear” to the more expensive and awesome game play.

2. She does not level or play to gain gears or EXP
Because the gold digger simply wants to experience all the game play without the hard work, she will eventually ask you to pay for all her equipments and even level up for her. She simply wants to walk around with the super powerful levels and gears to show off her status. If the girl that you are dating is always complaining about not wanting to level, stop her gold digging in the relationship’s early stage.

3. She only wants expensive gears
When you give her something really common and cheap yet serves with sentimental value. Such as the monsters drops or weak gears back when you first meet. She would rather you give her the best of her class equipments so that she can play easier. The gold digger only wants the best gears possible so that she can move on to her next mark once she passed the level that you can offer her.

4. She’s very curious about all your characters and gears
If the girl that you are dating online is interested in hearing about your possessions about day one, she is probably plotting about the best ways and times to ask for the gifts. Do not mistake that for her trying to strike up conversation with you.

5. She uses her cuteness for short term gain
She would “pretend” to be cute in not knowing about anything or not having money, to get short term gains. These include getting some cheap gears or pots when she does not have any.

6. She never pays her gears
When a good gear comes onto the market, or whenever she reaches the next tier. The first thing she does is to ask you if you have any gears for her. The girl player is very well trying to gold dig her way to all of her gears, she expects you to be the gentlemen who will fully gear her up.

7. She hangs out with other players who are gold diggers
Listen and observe carefully especially when it comes to gossips online amongst the players. Does she or her friends have a track record of being gold diggers, do they leave their “hubbies” after sucking them dry? Hang on to your characters, money, gears, and account passwords if they are.

8. She hates other woman that she does not know
She often bitches about how other girls are gold diggers and she is not. The gold digger herself is competitive in nature to try to get the most value out of their hubbies. Therefore, she will downgrade other females to make her dating hubbies feeling more secured to pay up.

9. She is Status Obsessed
The gold digger wants to hang out with the top guilds. She will most likely be impressed if you own a major guild with awesome gears, rather than being a great follower at your guild.

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