You Should Never Give Out Your Passwords to Online Wives

You Should Never Give Out Your Passwords to Online Wives

It is tempting to pour your heart and your hard earned money in games on some “girls” while you are dating. This may include extreme things such as your online account passwords. Here is my word of advice: DO NOT DO IT. Even though it sometimes may make your lives easier by asking her to tend your account and character from time to time, yet the long term risk that you take is too much.

Below are the reasons:

1. Your Girlfriend Could be a Gold Digger
While you are dating an online game wifie, she might be perfect and all. Yet there is always a chance that she is a good act who is simply waiting to get all your gears and characters. You should follow and read on these warning signs that she might be a gold digger. If the girl that you are dating is one, you will lose everything that you have.

2. “Divorce” or Break Up Usually Ends Up Horribly
In real life, when men divorce with their real wives, men usually fork over half of all of their properties plus the child alimony money. In games, if you do give out your account passwords, you may simply lose everything because the jealous or crazy girl may delete your account, wipe all your things, and leave you. Should you really take this chance?

3. Your Girlfriend May Mess up Your Reputation
If you are a well known player in your game, you should uphold your online reputation at all times. If she plays your character and get other players killed, other people might think bad of you and stop playing with you altogether. Be ware that once you give out your account information, the girl that you are dating online will very much likely play with your online characters.

4. Your Girlfriend May Get You Killed and Lose EXP and Money
When you are playing a hard game that is too much for your girl, she usually will and do get you killed while playing by herself. Do you really want to take the chance of losing your hard earned work just because your girlfriend wants to have some fun without you?

5. Your Girlfriend May Get Jealous
Let’s say that you are in a position that deals with many players in your game, such as a guild leader. You typically will have to talk to many types of people, including girls, to keep things smooth for your guild. If your online girlfriend uses your account, she may end up talking with the other girls that talk to you. They may get jealous with it and make it a big deal. Do not complicate your life by giving your online girlfriends access to your accounts.

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  1. Great share. Thanks for posting these tips. This article will surely help inform a lot of men and even women not to share their account details to their partners.