Tips to Pick Video Games that Your Girlfriend Would Play

Tips to Pick Video Games that Your Girlfriend Would Play

Are you trying to get the girl that you are dating off-line into gaming? Consider the pros and cons of getting your date into gaming.  already and still want to go ahead with it. The first step is to pick out the game that your girlfriend would enjoy and play. Here are 5 tips on how you would select the game:

1. Understand Your Girlfriend
Before you start with excitement to find the perfect game to get your girlfriend into, be sure to understand what she likes through your period of dating. Pick the ones that you think will suit her personality.

For example: My girlfriend does not like to read, so she hates RPG’s with a passion. So I would avoid introducing her to RPG at all costs. I have tried previously and she lasted exactly 3 minutes past the intro scene. She quit at the beginner tutorial of teaching her how to battle.

2. Easy Grasp and Control
Pick something that is very easy to pick up and play without too much skill. For example, you should not pick a fighting game with complex moves to play with the girl that you are dating. The complexity will drive them crazy and eventually quit.

The great games to start with are Mario Parties and Mario Karts.

3. Customization of Characters
Go for games that involve customization and dressing up of characters. Personally speaking, when I introduced my girlfriend to online MMORPG’s, she would spend roughly an hour trying to make up her characters, and stop playing after level 10’s because it gets repetitive.

The girl that you are dating generally will like the customization aspect of the game when they can get to make things pretty.

4. Social Aspect
Typically speaking, girls are social creature and they like to talk and discuss things. You should not pick a game where the girl will just kill things over and over by herself. Pick a game that involves group effort and social communications, she will enjoy the social aspect of it more than anything else.

5. Short Game Sessions
Many girlfriends will reject the idea of playing when you try to get them to play. When you choose the introductory game while dating, it is essential to choose ones that can allow you to quit at will. The girlfriends will get bored and tired if they have to play for prolonged period of time. Do not expect your girl to play for hours like you do.

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