Should You Win Against Your Girlfriend If You Can Easily Win?

Should You Win Against Your Girlfriend If You Can Easily Win?

This is the question that every guy faces when playing anything competitive with the girl that he is dating. To win or not to win, this important question can either send both of you and your girlfriend happy, or you will end up alone both feeling pissed off.

The quick answer is – it depends on the situation and your dating status. I will briefly describe some scenarios where it is the best to let the girls win, and when it is the best that you should win.

Note: This post is not about whether or not girls can be good gamers, this post is about what guys should do if they can easily beat the girls.

Situations You Should Win:
1. When Girls Themselves Already Expect to Lose
If your girlfriend does not play games usually, she is playing to spending time with you. Therefore, she expects to lose. In this case, you should sort of “fake it” so you do not win by too much, for example in a racing game. If you win by a large margin, the girl that you are dating will simply give up. If you win by a little bit most of the time, your girlfriend might feel more challenged to continue.

2. When Your Girlfriend Is Getting Bored
In this case, if you can win, win quickly and call it the end. Or better yet if you do not feel competitive, just call the gaming session off right away and keep your girlfriend happy. Most of the time, your girlfriend will not care if the game ends or not, especially if she is already losing.

Situations You Should Lose:
1. When Your Girlfriend Really Enjoys the Game
Be a gentleman and let your girlfriend win from time to time. It feels nice to win ;p. Let the girl you are dating to win may please her and boost her confidence. If you are not competitive yourself, just play a little softer while keeping it challenging for the girl.

2. When You Have Won too Much
If you have had a winning streak of a couple games, let your girlfriend win once in a while. If you win too much, you may upset your girlfriend so that they will not want to play with you ever again.

3. When You Know You Can Lose Without Being Pissed Off
Although you might be nice and let your girlfriend win, do not let your competitive side get the hold of you. If you are not happy about being soft and lose, do not lose on purpose. Your girlfriend will most likely sense the unhappiness in you and will choose not to play with you anymore.

At the end, it depends on your dating interaction between you and your girlfriend. You should make the call and simply experiment with how you both feel at the end of playing. If you make calls that usually make both of you feeling pissed off after playing, you should change your strategy approaching this sensitive issue.

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