Top 6 Reasons to Recruit Girl Players In Your Guild

Top 6 Reasons to Recruit Girl Players In Your Guild

All guilds are different when it comes to online games depending on its leader, core members, and general membership. Successful guilds do have many common points such as strong leadership with fair rules. Throughout time and experience, different guild leaders develop their own personal strategies when it comes to guild management and expansion.

My guild style usually has myself and a dozen key enthusiastic as the strongest players with a mix of active casual/semi serious gamers. This keeps the guild fun while still being competitive. In this blog post I will share about an idea that I have implemented back when I was the leader of guilds in various online worlds. I wanted a ratio of at least 1:4 to 1:5 female to male player ratio.

Typically it was a lot easier to recruit male members because guys are more consistent. Guys play more and they do have higher population in all the MMORPG’s that I have experienced. Yet, I have made a rule for myself and my guild that I must put forward more effort in recruiting girls. Although male players do tend to take gaming more seriously and end up stronger, the mix of girl gamers does weigh a heavier advantage over disavantage to make up for their lack of commitment.

Below are my top 5 reasons why I want to have female gamers in my guilds:

1. No Sausage Fest Thanks
When you put a lot of guys together in a small community, it typically does not end well. There will always be power struggles and male drama that goes behind the scene. With more female players flooding the chat with their daily chitchat, more guys would be entertained over that instead of fighting against each other with male ego and hormone. In addition, guys do tend to be more reserved when the community has some female gamers (as relative to pure sausage fest).

I want my guilds chat to have fairly clean of foul language with unserious entertaining dramas.

2. Male Egos Boost Competition
In nature, guys have to impress girls in order to get action. It is the same in gaming, your guy players will try harder, be more friendly, be more helpful to impress the girls in your guilds. It encourage your guy players to play more, level more, and do dungeon runs more. You will be asking them to compete amongst themselves without them realizing it. It helps the overall guild growth.

3. Girl Players Encourage Casual Playing / Partying
Members quit guilds when they feel that it is boring. The most boring thing to do in any MMORPG is to continuous grinding for that top level. By having female players in your guild, your members will tend to do more “fun” things together that is not necessary the best. However, this introduces some variances in your guild members activities which they will feel your guild is fun. Keeping your members entertained is important to keep them both in guild and in game.

4. Better Male Gamer Loyalty
Many times, strong players leave your guilds because he is pursuing a female player some place else. He wants to join his girlfriend in another guild because the girl does not want to join yours. However, you can avoid this scenario by placing the girls in your guilds in the first place. If some guys do hit it off with the girl within the guild and the girl is feeling comfortable, the then couple will both be extra loyal to the guild because it is where they meet. Losing talents is the top way for great guilds to die into oblivion.

5. Girl Players Attract Girl Players
The first girl is the hardest to get in your guild, especially you already have 10+ guys. Most of the more casual female players will feel intimidated and refuse to join. However, if you already have 1 girl in the guild, it is easier to get the other one if the existing one is friendly. By constantly having a reserve of female players, you ensure your guild ability to attract more girls.

6. Girls Keep the Guild Chat Alive
Girls talk a lot relative to how much guy talks when it comes to games. It is better practice to keep at least some sort of activity in your guild chat at all times. Guild chat is a main way of communication among your guild members. If the guild chat appears to be dead most of the time, your members might get discouraged to talk at all in guilds. Having girls in your guilds will boost the level of communication, even if it is not purely about the MMORPG all the time.

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