How to React to Defeat When Your Girlfriend Kicked Your Ass At Gaming

How to React to Defeat When Your Girlfriend Kicked Your Ass At Gaming

Different people are good at different things. Sometimes your girlfriend may be better at you than video gaming. Although it is kind of rare, yet it is essential to be a good sport even when your girlfriend just laughed at your face for kicking your ass. Below are some of the tips for you to accept losing:

1. Admit and Accept the Defeat
So she kicked your ass, so what? You should not feel bad and simply admit and accept that she is better than you. You may be better than she is at some other things.

2. Congratulate Your Girlfriend
Although losing feels horrible, especially to your girlfriend, you should congratulate your girlfriend for a good job done. Let the winner has her winning glory.

3. Do Appreciate Her
Not many girls do play games hardcore, let alone be good at it. You should appreciate your girlfriend more for playing.

4. Enjoy the Time Spent
Even if you lose to her, the time spent playing with her should still be quite enjoyable. Cherish the times that you spent together.

5. Join the Winning Team
If your girlfriend is truly great at gaming, you should try to find some sort of co-op games so that you could play as a team with her.

6. Keep on Practicing
Do not simply take the defeat and suck it up. Practice and practice until you can beat her again. Although you should be a good sport and gentleman if she happens to kick your ass again after you challenge her.

At the end, the girl that you are dating is far more important than winning at games. If you enjoy her company, you should not let your male ego ruin your dating life.

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