Multiple Sets of Password – Protect Yourself as a MMORPG Gamer

Multiple Sets of Password – Protect Yourself as a MMORPG Gamer

You should always have a couple sets of passwords that are different and ready for you to use. For me, I use these levels of passwords for my daily dealings. You should consider doing it as well especially when you give out personal information consistently at various MMORPG sites and forums.

Level 1: High Security
This level’s password should be purely unique. You should maybe have 2 different sets of passwords, one for email access, and another for sensitive financial information such as bank account and credit accounts.

Level 2: Medium Security
This level should be unique from the first level. Use this set of passwords when you sign up for things such as official gaming sets and official forums.

Level 3: Low Security
This level should be the easiest to guess and you should value these accounts the least. These passwords definitely should not overlap with your more important passwords. The username and passwords associated with this level include: personal forums, custom accounts with other people, or private servers. Other people may be able to access your account information easily within these sources.

With these measures in place, hopefully you should never have to suffer through the pain of accounts getting hacked.

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