Leveling Up in Grand Fantasia Fast, Simple, and Easy

Grand Fantasia Leveling Guide

Having a guide on how to level is important in every MMORPG because it will save you both time and effort finding the best way to level. This guide is written to help most of the new comers to the game level as efficiently as possible. Most of the tips are written in conjunction with the available REP quests. The REP quests offer the best way to level up and advance in terms of EXP.

REP quests typically require you to kill some certain number of mobs or collect the monster drops. These quests have lower and maximum level requirement for them to be turned on.

Hope this guide can help you through your journey in the world of Grand Fantasia Online. It should be noted that if more than one way is listed under the level range. It means that both ways work and you should go with the way that you feel is more fun.

If you have any questions with any of the Acronyms, you should use this as a reference while following this guide.  For generic leveling tips, consider reading 10 Tips to Improve Your Grinding and Leveling and  10 Steps to Level Up Faster.

Level 1-10:
You should complete these levels while still on Siwa Island which should be a breeze.

Level 10-18:
During this stage, simply follow the normal quests until level 18. You could also buy quill publishing books to earn extra money. These quests ask you to kill the same monsters as your normal quests. You should avoid Boss or party quests unless you have a full party. You should also skip the PC quests for now.

Level 18-24:
1. Go to Ancient Forest to collect Honey Bear Meat and Fat. Do so until level 22 and turn in those items for REP quests. You will reach level 23 or 24 after these quests. It should be noted that the quest also gives you wolf mount.

2. You can also do Fat Bat Guano REP at the Red Ridge as an alternative.

Level 24-31:
Go to Southern Island to collect Crab Meat for the REP quests. Do so until level 30.

Level 31-37:
1. Continue staying at Southern Island for Pirate Bandanas.
2. Start doing merchant REP at Angoya Island while doing the Sunbird Meat REP

Level 37-38:
Go to Bone Reef Peninsula to collect Sabrecat Tusk Claws until level 38

Level 38-42:
Start doing Pirate REP and save the green gun powder kits. There is a green gun powder kit REP that becomes available at level 40. Continue leveling until level 42.

Level 42-45:
Go to Scorching Wind Desert and start doing Kaslow Guilde REP, Jale Guilde REP. It should be noted that these mobs also drop REP quest items such as Stomach Bag of Water and Essense of the Dead. Do so until level 45 or 46.

Level 45-48
1. Go to Land of Sighs and start doing the Dragon REP.
2. Continue doing Kaslow and Jale REP quests in conjunction with the Bandit Badge REP. However this way is less efficient because a lot of running is involved.

Level 48-50:
Go to Misty Wetlands and do Passenger REP. Also do the Illya Guilde REP at the same time. It should be noted that the Jelly Rabbit Crystals also drop here.

Level 50-51:
Go to Lost Highlands and do Kaslow and Jale Guilde REP while collecting the Highland Deer Skin.

Level 51-55:
1. Stay at the Lost Highlands for the Yak REP while collecting Spellcaster’s Yak Horns. The Horns REP quests become available at level 52.
2. Go to Misty Wetlands and do Maiden REP with an efficient party.

Level 55-60:
Go to Blakatoa Range and do the Spider REP.

Level 60-61:
1. Do ACV dungeon runs for some extra money and blue equipments. In addition there is a chance that you can get a bear mount.
2. Do the Camp REP.

Level 61-63:
Go to Prism Island for Camp REP quests. One is to kill only the Lizards. Another is to kill Lizards, Prairie Elks, and Wild Armored Beasts.

Level 63-65:
1. Go to Prism Island and being the Jelly REP.
2. Collect Necklaces which can be turned in for REP until level 66.
3. Level at SMF dungeon entrances if you are either Cleric, Wizard, Demonologist, or Sage.

Level 65-66:
You automatically level after completing a small quest for the class change.

Level 66-68:
Go to Knight Valley and kill soldiers for the Soldier REP in conjunction with the Guild REP. It should be noted that if your party is good, one teammate can also work on the Wolves Map Quest.

Level 68-70:
1. Go to Eternal Mountains and level with the Lion Lizards REP and Bee Kill REP quest.
2. PT dungeon is also available at this point. This dungeon can offer you great source of money in addition to some EXP.

Level 70-71:
Go to Oblivion Border and start doing Crab REP. It should be noted that if your party is full, you can locate two people to Dogs for additional EXP.

Level 71-72:
Go to Winterflake Forest for another REP quest. The monsters here also have dense spawn areas which makes it easy to AoE.

Level 72-75:
You can start doing the Map quests with a full party. Each type of monster should have one person except for Elks which need two. Every member in your party typically will finish at the same time. However, if you do not have full party it is more efficient to stay at the level 71 REP.

Level 75:
You are now at the cap base level. You should continue leveling to earn your Master points. You should continue staying at the Winterflake forests for all the REP quests.


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  1. hi there! for the dragon rep at lvl 45-48 can you please tell me where do i get the quest and which monster am i suppose to kill? Thanks

  2. The current Max Level now is 90.

    Some things that will help you gain some exp :
    Trial Maze LV 31+
    the longer u survive in the maze the more exp u get.

    the thumbs up near the mini map and in the Events tab
    ull see some dailies.
    Some are easy and some are hard.
    depending on ur lvl.
    you can let a friend help u with ur dailies!

    Theres different quests all over the place.
    REP quests are repeatable quests, u can do it over and over again ! helps making money and gain some exp! :)

    Therefore use exp charms and other exp boosts to gain more exp!

    thats all i know for now ;)

    Guild quests are rep quests but they help u gain exp and gain exp for ur guild.

    Bu bai

    ~ /-\ |\| ( ) |\|

  3. Thanks for the guide! :)