10 Steps to Level Up Faster in MMORPG - Generic Guide for Beginners

10 Steps to Level Up Faster in MMORPG - Generic Guide for Beginners

Obtaining EXP through various methods such as quest, grinding monsters, dungeon runs, PvP kills, and events are a major part of online games. This generic guide will teach you the basic steps that you should take to level up faster in any MMORPG.

1. Research the Forums and Online Sources

Your first step is to ask around and research around for any tips. Use those tips and see if they suit your needs. Many helpful players have posted around the forums and other online resources how they have leveled.

2. Verify and Experiment with the Information You have Obtained

Experiment around with those ideas and test out a few on your own. Find out the best leveling methods that suit your needs with boring you to death. Test with your specific characters, builds, skills, and game mechanics to find what works for you.

3. Measure You Experience Efficiency and Focus On One Leveling Channel

Most MMORPG’s offer severals ways to level up and gain experience. Decide which one has the best EXP to time/effort spent ratio. Only level up with the method that gives you the most EXP given the time invested. The more you level up using the faster leveling method, the higher level you will become compared to others within the same time frame.

4. Prepare a Back-Up Leveling Method (Solo Play)

Sometimes your most efficient leveling method may not be available if it is event or party based. Experiment with a few leveling places to see which one can get you the most EXP/Hour. Stay in those places and grind while looking for party to stay ahead with more EXP and levels than other players.

5. Make Friends to Guarantee Consistent Leveling/Dungeon Run Parties

If you have decided that your most efficient leveling method is through dungeon runs. Keep a group of players handy on your friendlists. If a specific class is always on demand in your specific game, add all of them as friends as you level up through your game play. For example – The support and tank classes are usually always needed in dungeon runs but typically have the lowest player population. Make friends with them (especially the good ones) so that you will always have great leveling parties.

6. Optimize Your In-Game Equipments

Check if your in-game equipments are optimized for the specific leveling method. This means that if you choose to grind in a specific map for a long time, you should maximize your damage output to the specific mobs that appear on the map. Also get the best defense items that lower the damage take from all of those mobs. Use game mechanics such as monster race, elements to boost all of your damage. The better and more optimized your equipments translates to more monster you can kill, which finally equates to your final leveling rate per hour.

7. Upgrade Your Real Life Equipments

To level up faster, you need to ensure that all your real life equipments are setup for optimal leveling speed. This means that you should not have a computer that lags you while AoE killing a huge of mobs or get you killed at time-critical situations. Upgrade your memory, processor, hard drive space, internet connection. Research and do whatever it takes to minimize your casualty due to hardware.

8. Pay Real Money

In most F2P MMORPG’s, it is absolute necessary for you to prepare to spend real money. By spending real money, you will almost be guaranteed to level up faster. ALMOST ALL Cash shop/Item Malls nowadays offer double EXP or related items that can boost your EXP/hour rate either leveling or others. You could also pay real money to upgrade your equipments to help you kill more efficiently and faster which means better EXP. In these scenarios, you should always Spend Your Cash Wisely.

In addition, you could also pay third parties such as gold sellers or power levelers to enhance your characters. However most MMORPG publishers strictly forbid this and you may have a really high chance of being SCAMMED and HACKED. You should use absolute sound judgement when you decide to go this route.

9. Play Efficiently and Be Organized

Organize your leveling time so that you will always be leveling with the least idling time possible. The more time you spend killing monsters and gaining EXP, the faster you will level within a specific time frame. Be completely focused in getting that % of EXP so that you will level faster than all the other players.

10. Discount Anything that Lowers Your Leveling Speed when Measure EXP/rate

When you are measuring and deciding the place to level up and gaining experience points. Also consider the difficulty of the dungeon/map. The final stats that you should determine is the finally EXP rate/hour, deducting all the possible causes that might lower your efficiency. This includes but not limited to – going back to town to restock potions and sell items, death, time spent finding parties, effort Spent to arrive at the Leveling Map, and finally how often you can level without interruption.

Good luck leveling!


  1. sa katulad ko pong bahay trabaho lng. gusto ko snang bumili o mag pagawa ng perfect character
    pra s exec n lvl80 n may complete set,gem and skills.handa po akong bilhin yn nganit wla akong credit card pwede po bng cash at meet nlng s isang place. pls reply me. joel miralles

  2. This is a good advice coming from a player, but there is more to it than simple leveling tips. When it comes to MMOG, you need to be wary of the experience points given by the monsters and it depends on their level. If you are killing monsters that are significantly lower than your current level, you will have a hard time leveling.