5 Ways to Spend Your Cash Wisely In F2P MMORPGs

5 Ways to Spend Your Cash Wisely In F2P MMORPGs

With more and more F2P MMORPG's come to market and enjoyed by many. The aspect of cash shop items have evolved through the years from solely cosmetic to convenience and eventually become pay for power.  Spend your cash wisely has become more and more important to achieve your highest potential in game.

This guide outlines important aspects for you to consider before throwing in your cash to obtain the most powerful characters on the server.  This guide assumes that you are willing to pay for the items in MMORPG's cash shop and you only have a fixed amount of cash in doing so.  Continue reading to learn how to maximize those benefits.

1. Tailor to Your Character
Depending on your characters, you have different needs that the cash shop items can suit you.  Research and read about the fine prints of each items.  This due diligence process is the same as if you would buy and equip any in-game items that are not cash shop.  You want to spend your money on the things that you need.  For example, a Mage typically does not need any accessories or buff potions that give extra strength.  So do not buy those off cash shops.  Research before you buy so you do not waste money.

2. Check for Expiration Dates
Most cash shop items come with limitations such as expiration dates and in game usage.  Before you buy anything, read the fine print on what those limitations are and read the forums for user experiences.  The most popular of these type are EXP enhancement items that can double, triple, or help you gain any amount of extra EXP during your game play.

They either come with a fixed expiration date such as 24 hours after usage, or relative to your in-game time.  You need to decide how to maximize those EXP enhancement periods by allocating a full day of your life to play.  Or in the second case, shut down and log out your game completely when you are off.

In addition, some other items may fall under this category such as equipments, mounts, and pets.  These items vary greatly from game to game.  It is up to the game publishers on what they want to do.

3. Gambling versus Value
Many cash shops in many games offer items or "gift boxes" that give a randomized item depending on your luck.  Usually with this setup, the majority of the items are crap with some that are really good.  Conduct an analysis among the possible outcomes to see if this style will suit your economical needs.  Calculate if it is cheaper to simply buy the item that you are looking for.

Over the long period of time, the odds of getting the item of your choice are typically against you.  You will end up spending more than you are willing to pay if you continue to gamble.

4. Relative Cost of Your In-Game Time Versus Working for Cash
Many of the Cash Shop items focus on saving your time by either boost your EXP rate, or boost your chance of succeeding with item upgrades.  Therefore, you should do thorough calculation of whether or not your time saved is worth the cash.

If you take your MMORPG seriously, and you consistently work to get at least minimum wage.  The relative cost of your time is roughly $6 per hour after tax.  This means that an hour of your time is worth about $6.  Therefore, any 2x EXP boosting item costing less than $6 and lasts more than an hour is good because it will save one hour of your time.

Looking it another way, it is relatively cheaper of your time to play more in game if the item costs more than $6.  You can apply this analysis to anything that you buy in game, to get a sense of whether or not the cash shop items are worth it.

5. Spend What You Can Afford
Most people have limited resources and money.  This will limit how much you can safely spend which results by how much time you can reasonably work to obtain that cash.  In MMORPG's and life in general, you should never spend more than what you can afford.  This concept is even more true in MMORPG's.  Many of the things that you spend cannot be resold for cash.  In additional, many of the Cash Shop items are chance based meaning that there are chances in which you may lose everything like in a casino.

You can make better decisions if you only spend what you can afford.

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