16 Simple Ways to Make Grand Fantasia Gold Fast, Quick and Easy

Grand Fantasia is an online MMORPG game from Aeria Games. This simple guide will lay out a couple of ways to make in-game gold fast, quick, and easy. Even though none of these methods offer instant gold gain. These methods are relatively faster compared to the common ways of selling simple loots. By understanding all of the possible methods. You can figure out which one will generate the most gold for you.

Some of these methods still take alot of patience and practice. However, you are on your way to make lots of gold when you become accustomed with all sorts of gold making avenues. The best way to make gold now is to get it through alot of small amounts from different methods and holding on to those gold.

1. Normal Quest
Make sure that you do not skip any quests. These quests offer a sure way of making bits of gold that will help you with the game. It should be noted that the gold you earn from quests increases as you level up. You should balance between leveling and saving for gold for the most optimal game play.

Be efficient while doing quests. Overlap multiple quests that deal with the same monsters. Typically you could find REP quests that ask you to kill same monsters or monsters close to each other.

2. Repeatable Quests
Repeatable quests are great to do if you need money. Because you can do these as much as you want until you out level the quest or maxed your town fame. These quests will give you both EXP and money so you should make the best use of them.

For Party repeatable quests. You can generally get around 3-7g per turn in at higher levels. In addition to the EXP and gold, you also get treasure map pieces.

3. Repeatable Quest Items
Because most players will also use their repeatable quests to level their characters. Sometimes when higher level players make alternate characters or cash shop players make lower level characters. They would rather buy your repeatable quest items at a premium in order to level their own characters faster. You can take advantage of this by selling your repeatable quest items for some extra cash.

4. Guild Quest
Do guild quest, the amount of gold they pay sometimes are worth it.

5. Demon Hunter Quests
Find the Demon Hunter quests by clicking the Events icon on the upper right of your screen. Check the "Today Only" Section and click on the Treasure hunting. You can then find the corresponding NPC's to each demon.

6. Farm Bosses
Farm bosses for their rare drops and scrolls. Sell those drops for some nice gold.

7. Craft and Sell Orange Equipments
Craft special items  such as orange items.  Sell them for a decent profit. However, you should craft for the classes that are the most popular to make sure you could turn over your items faster. These classes include Pally, Zerker, Ranger, and Assassin. It depends on the situation for your particular server.  You should not gamble by buying all the required materials and craft.  You might lose all of your gold if you decide to go this route.  You should rather save the mats to craft yourself.

8. Save Your Money and Spend Wisely
Do NOT buy the NPC gears and weapons because they are worthless and more expensive compared to other equipments you can get. You should make good use of your sprite to obtain the weapons and armor that you need at lower levels.

9. Sprite Gathering
Gather raw materials with your sprites and sell them in AH. For this case, your Sprite's levels matter because they can collect higher level mats. The stack of higher level mats also sell for better gold than lower level ones.

Pay attention to what sells and what does not. You want to specialize in things that have fast turnover so you can get your gold fast. Check the AH and salespeople to get an idea of what is happening in your MMMORPG server.

10. Sell All of Your Items
Sell all your items through AH and salesperson or to vendors if possible. It is better to sell them for little bits of money than simply destroying them.

11. Buy Low and Sell High
You could spend more time in Auction Houses and focus on the new items that go on sale. Make mental notes on what items sell fast and at what price. If you stumble upon items that are priced below market price, you could buy them and resell for a profit.

The market is always changing, therefore you need to have a close understanding on the server economy in order to make great profits. I have written a comprehensive guide on how to make the maximum profit possible, visit  Trade your way to riches in any MMORPG – SkyBlue’s Game Trading Guide.

12. Salvage Items
Make money by salvaging green items below level 20, and get the essences to sell them for 75s-1g each.

13. Misc Things
Each of the below items can be sold for 50s - 1g a piece.
Jelly Rabbit Coins - Drops from chests, boxes and jars.
Dark Sprite Emblems - Cursed Chests sometimes spawn a cursed monster for you to kill.
Mysterious Essences - You can salvage items under level 20 to get these.

14. Instance/Dungeon Runs
Do Prairie Cave (PC) runs nonstop and sell the lower level rare items. If you get Saph's Energies, you can make armors and helm to sell them.

Once you reach level 45+, you could start doing OSI (Old Siwa Island).  These runs offer great 12g rewards if you have a good party.

At higher level which is 56+, a well-made gaia party can crank out 100g per hour, in addition to the gold that you can get from repeatable items and rare talent blueprints. It should be noted that a full stack of Eternities sells for good amount of profit.  You also get four fantasy map fragments per hour.

15. Treasure Maps
Treasure maps from Angoya Island (Bunny, Sunbird REP quest) and Plague Forest (Werewolf REP quests).  It is relatively easy for you to obtain these treasure maps and test your luck.

16. AP Cash Item Reselling
You could obtain gold by selling the Magic Clays that you can buy from the Cash Shop.  You could then make fast gold by trading with other players via the Auction House. This is not a bad option if you make good income in real life and simply want to have good time in game without slaving over simple gold.

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    1. How is it Stupid? its not, it is a guide for those players who need help making money.
      Respect your Guiders. Some People need help making money in Grand fantasia which is sometimes hard when they are possibly unfocused and when they are learning new things. so shut up and think about what ur saying wrong.

    2. It is a great website.. The Design looks very good.. Keep working like that!. sell coins phoenix

  2. That Healer thats always neededMay 21, 2012 at 8:37 PM

    i play on Quill ch2 and i make a good profit from M-Clay. i get paid weekly, go to target/ walmart and buy a $20 AP card. buy 22 M-clays, sell for 175g each (comes out to 3850g) and manage the gold i make to just add up over time. i currently have 22866g because i dont only rely on my m-clay sells. i also to OSI MO 8-10 times a day (96-120g) a day at lvl 50. and when im grinding an Alt i collect Jelly rabbit coins and sell on AH for 3g a piece and Dark Sprite coins for 1g each. making money isnt hard. just gotta know whats hot and whats not. always break jars and boxes when you see them. trust me. it never hurts to take the chance

    1. its a nice profit :)

    2. Also u could of sold the AP card you would gotten like 30k+ gold.
      But do not scam the buyers !

  3. Mclays are 500gold each, lol

    1. Only on Gaia and Bodor. Quill has cheaper prices.

    2. Magic Alchemy Clays are sometimes a lower price because the gms have made them cheaper so every1 can buy them without paying a ton of gold sadily.

  4. fu.cker idiot this every1 know motherfu.cker

    1. Will u not please...October 27, 2013 at 1:45 PM

      Not Everyone knows this guide. Some Noobies who started Grand Fantasia does not know how to make a gold without a strategy. So they can check up this website or other websites that can help them understand and make some money. also respect your people and guiders.

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      Hmph! Looks like we have to do this the hard way! Respect Your Guiders and People Again. And AGAIN SOME NOOBIES WHO STARTED GRAND FANTASIA DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY KUS THEY ARE UNCERTAIN!!! So Please be nice and respect every1 and the people of this website. :)


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    7. Some people are just immature and ungrateful, save ur energy and leave them to rot. May I add selling O-Alch items help too. What's more it's cheap, 1 norma alchemy clay costs only 31gold(on my server) and the third round can sell for 70-500g

  5. If you knew these things you wouldn't be searching the internet for how to make gold, unless of course your lazy ass can't get up do any of these things.

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      Sometimes they are not lazy, they just need some gold in grand fantasia and they really need some help. :c so they can sometimes use the internet if they are below lv 16 and they cannot use world chat. but if they are above level 16 they may use world chat but not spam.

  6. You are forgetting a 17 step.

    Buy AP

    Buy All the mclays u can possibly can.
    Do tiered spender if possible and try to get all the clays there or rares.
    sell the rares for a specific price that people can buy.

    if there is a good mclay table.
    start mclay
    wait till u get a rare item that u can sell alot for in the mclay table.
    Sell the rare.
    You can get about 1k+ gold depending what rare item u get from mclay.

    One day i used only 1 clay and i got up to round 5 and it wasnt 100% alchemy.
    i got a keyblade, sold it on ah for 35k. one day later some body bought the keyblade.
    such a nice sale :)

    ~unknown person

    1. Hello there, Anonymous AKA Unkown Person. :)

      You did a nice step to help support this website :D.

      Website Supporters are nice and they can be aware that they have the good rights and how they wrote it :).

      i appreciate that one day you will be a good person and one day will help support our games.

      -The Aeriagames Best BR GM of GF :)


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  7. around lv 70-80 u can sell plvl in ab for 100g-250g or more depending the buyer's choice.
    dont trust scammers tho, they dont give u the gold >:(.
    So to make sure the Buyer is a scammer make sure they trade u and you will see if they give u the money. MOSTLY TRADE BEFORE STARTING PLVL so then u know if its a scammer or not easily. Also PLVLing for high levels will let it out a leech. so make sure u get alot of money from plvling! :) also u cant leech dungeons anymore kus u needa be in final boss place instead of sitting. Also REP and guild quests are best quests that give u alot of gold. Regular quests are sometimes best but they may give u some money.

    /-\ |\| ( ) |\|

    1. I forgot something.

      F A R M I N G M A T E R I A L S

      Farming materials isnt hard.
      usually sprite gathering is a easy farming mat.

      try to get many of mats from sprite gathering as u can and sell it in ah for some gold.

      Farming mats from bosses and dungeon bosses is easy when ur a high level and can solo those bosses.

      MOSTLY AT LEVEL 70+ in Mutated Prarie cave u can farm Ohmudo emblems and sell it for 50g-70g.

      U can farm other mats there and when u get ennough u can sell it for 20+gold

  8. I have made 52k gold. i bought 50$ ap yesterday and mostly spended on a loot wheel, also i picked mostly mfis from tiered spenders aswell and sold em. when i was at around 1k ap left, i spended it all on mclay.

    1. i had gotten up till 94k because my friend gave me stuff to sell for her, i payed her back and i bought a combat mount