Grand Fantasia Common Used Terms Dictionary

 Grand Fantasia Common Used Terms Dictionary

Often when you enter a new game you would encounter many acronyms that the existing players become accustomed to. It is hard without understand what those acronyms mean. This list is made available for those of who are new to the game.

General Gameplay
HP: Hit Points which is shown as the red bar.
SP: Special Points which is shown as the blue bar.
AOE: Area of Effect
Lv or Lvl: Level of your character
GS: Game Sage
GM: Game Master
NPC: Non-Player Character
PvP: Player vs Player
EXP: Experience Points
DPS: Damage Per Second and commonly referred to as damage dealers or DD
Tank: Person who takes damage for the party, has high defense and HP (example: Paladins are great tanks)

G: Gold
S: Silver
C: Copper
K: kilo (x1000) (Example: 1k g: 1000 gold)
WTT: Want To Trade
WTB: Want to Buy
WTS: Want to Sell
C/O: Current Offer
P/C: Price Check
S>: Selling
B>: Buying
T>: Trading
T/O: Taking Offers
N>: Need

Common In-Game Locations
PIP: Prism Island Prairie
LH: Lost Highlands
LOS: Land of Sighs
TLM: Twin Lion Mountain
SWD: Scorching Wind Desert
AH: Action House
EA: Elf Arena

Items Related
SKB1/2/3: Sprites Kings Blessing Lv 1/2/3
BDW: Blue Dragon Wings

MC: M-Clay: Magic Alchemy Clay
OC: O-Clay: Alchemy Clay
R1/2/3/4/5: Alchemy Round 1/2/3/4/5
T1/2/3/4/5: Alchemy Tiers 1/2/3/4/5

Item Mall
CS: Cash Shop
IM: Item Mall
ES: Energy Shop
WIM: Web Item Mall
GIM: Game Item Mall
IGIM: In-Game Item Mall
BOGO: Buy One Get One

Chatting and Social Related
LFP: Looking For Party
LFM: Looking For More
LFG: Looking for Group

WC: Wrong Chat Channel
PM: Private Message
T: Whisper (T/ PLayername message)
Pst: Tell, whisper

Quests and Dungeons
REP: Repetition quests. Quests that you can do over and over again.
Pirates: Pirates REP in Bone Reef Peninsula or Prism Island depending on your location
Maiden: Maiden REP in Misty Wetlands
Dragon: Dragon REP in Land of Sighs
Ruins: Ruins REP in Land of Sighs
Spiders: Spiders REP in Blakatoa Range
Werewolf: Werewolf REP in Plague Forest
Camp: Camp REP in Prism Island Prairie
Trunan/Safety/Jellys REP in Prism Island Prairie
Yak: Noisy Animal Rep in Lost Highlands

PC: Prairie Cave
CM: Condemned Mine
EC: Echo Cave
DT: Deserted Temple
MPC: Mutated Prairie Cave
MCM: Mutated Condemned Mine
OSI: Old Siwa Island
ACV: Ancient City of Vines
SMF: Sunken Mechanical Fortress
RM: Roaring Maw
HKT: Holy King's Temple

Shortcut Related
Chat Shortcuts
ctrl+P: Party chat
ctrl+W: World chat
ctrl+Y: Yell
ctrl+L: LFP chat
ctrl+R or R: Quick respond to last pm/whisper
ctrl+T: Trade chat
ctrl+G: Guild chat
ctrl+S: Say (Normal Chat)

K: Skills
L: Quests, fame, dungeons, archive
O: Friends, block, search, lover
M: Map
C: Character
B: Backpack/Bag/Inventory

Other Common Acronyms
TY: Thank You
YW: You are Welcome
IGN: In-Game Name
FTW: For The Win

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