Top 10 Characteristics of an Awesome Guild

Top 10 Characteristics of an Awesome Guild

I have compiled a list of important characteristics that a great guild should have. Check to see how many of these items that your guild has! Is your guild the best guild that it could be in your game? Read on to find out what these key characteristics are of an awesome guild.

1. Dedicated Guild Leader

You cannot manage a top of a line guild without you being active in the game yourself. At the beginning stage of the guild without dedicated guild members. You should be more dedicated than ever. You need to manage the guild by yourself and also to show others that you are serious about creating a great guild. Try to always be online, recruit new players, and make friends with potential dedicated players that will join your guild.

2. Dedicated Core Members/Officers

You cannot run a great/big guild all by yourself. You need dedicated members that will co-run the guild with you. These are the people who you can trust and are leaders of the guild when you are not around. These core members will also be make to co-make the important guild decisions with you and contribute the most when the guild stash needs money or EXP to level up.

3. Clear Rules

A great guild is like any business organization. The guild needs clear rules for all of its members to function smoothly. Draft guild rules so that everyone should follow, some simple rule may be “botting is strictly forbidden”. Make the rules public and accessible easily so people cannot complain that they do not know of the rules. Get your guild member’s feedbacks on whether or not the rules are fair or necessary. Your guild should also be flexible with rules that are too strict.

4. Reward and Punishment System

Good guilds need great reward and punishment systems to both encourage and discourage specific behaviors. If the system is clearly spelled out, people are encouraged to act out a certain way that will be the most beneficial to the overall guild. One such reward can be that, the most helpful person in guild to new members can receive such and such. Or you could reward better ranks to the most members with the most contribution.

5. Active Members

You cannot have a great guild if all of your guild members are constantly inactive. The guild should have consistent numbers of players online at all times. This can both boost your guild’s population to the outside world and to bolster in-guild partying.

6. Guild Chat Monitored

Typically your guild will have its dedicated chat channel that all members can access. You as a leader and your co-officers should take the job of being a guild chat mod. Monitor it so that your guild members do not have an all out flame war on your chat channel. Bad chats can be a great turn off to new guild members. Guild chat should only be opened to encourage member interaction and/or casual chats.

7. Outside Communication Channels – Dedicated Site, Forum, Voice Chat

Another way to booster the relationship among your guild members is to activate outside channels. When your guild grows large, you can consider spending time and effort to create a dedicate website, forums, or even use a voice chat server such as Vent. This is an important step to inform your member base of upcoming events and rules.

8. Player Class Make Up and Trade/Craft/Life Skill Dedications

Depending on the specific game that you’re playing, an effective party requires different types of player classes to succeed in dungeons or instance runs. You should recruit different types of players to encourage partying within your own guild. This setup can bolster your guild member’s relationships.

Furthermore, you could encourage your members to take up different craft skills if the craft skills take a lot of time and resources to level up. This can guarantee that you can pool your resources together to optimize your guild efforts in creating items and leveling character craft skills.

9. Guild Events

Create and Organize fun guild events that specific tiers of your guild members can join and have fun. Your guild members will be proud to be a part of your guild if they have fun consistently.

10. Guild Members Help One Another

Encourage your guild members from helping one another. A guild cannot be successful if everyone plays separately. Encourage partying, trading, and other actions that can help your guild members to achieve their own personal goals.

Lastly: Trust

Do your guild members trust other guild members? Do they trust you and your officers? Do they trust that they can get the most out of game play by joining your guild? Do they trust that you will be fair with your treatment to the other members? Trust is the core characteristic of a successful guild. Everything that you do to boost the relationship should always be built on trust. Make your guild trustworthy and fun, and dedicated members and officers will soon follow.

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