Common Pay for Power Items - Rise of F2P Games

Common Pay for Power Items - Rise of F2P Games

The rise of F2P games have blossomed during the recent years. They have introduced a whole science of virtual items tailored towards player behaviors. These cash valued virtual items can enhance a player’s game play for these online games. “Pay for Power” is perfectly fine and necessary if you wish to become the top player at your MMORPG.

The money spent to the game publishing companies also keeps the servers running smoothly and developers/employees paid. It is a win-win situation for the majority of the players. In addition, most of the games do offer trading systems that allow non-paying players to obtain Cash Shop items through other players and special offers.

Below I will list out some of the commons ways that players “Pay for Power” in these F2P games. These concepts are easily verified by quickly browsing through various Cash Shops. However, depending on your game, some of these Cash Shop Items may not apply. I will skip all the “cosmetic” items because they are really based on player preference.

1. EXP Enhancement Items

This is the most common Cash Shop item offered in virtually all F2P MMORPG’s. These items offer you a certain period of time when you can achieve faster leveling speed by killing monsters. These can save your leveling time by half or put you way ahead of the player base in terms of level and power.

2. Item Drop Rate Enhancement Items

You can double up or potentially gain more money by purchasing these items. They can increase your drop rate so you can gather your equipments, crafting materials, or quest items faster than others. With more in-game gold, you can buy more items and even trade for other Cash Shop items.

3. Upgrade Protection Items

Typically most online games have a thought up upgrade system implemented for equipments. These are chance based systems that offer increasingly difficult upgrading chance as you upgrade/refine your equipment. In most games, higher level upgrades have the potential of completely destroy your equipment, or you would need to spend a lot of in-game money to reach your upgrade.

Game companies then thought of protection items that can protect players from item breakages and a premium is charged for these items. By using these items wisely, you can obtain your extremely powerful items with lesser in game gold and effort.

4. Specific Equipments (Pets and Gears Alike)

Game publishers also release specific gears or pets that players can purchase directly. These equipments may offer stronger stats than the ones you get normally in-game, and is usually available for use at earlier levels. However, in most cases, high level equipments in-game usually offer similar bonuses compared to these items. You can pay for power by buying these items to be able to kill other players at lower levels, or level faster and more efficiently yourself.

5. Convenience Items

These are items that offer great convenience to the players without altering game play much. However these would still save players a chunk of time so these times can be spent leveling up or completing dungeon runs.

These items can include resurrection scrolls and keys so you can restart your dungeons. Unlimited and instant town portals so you can lower your time spent traveling.

6. Death Protection Items

Most games have penalty system in placed so that when players die in game, they might suffer loss in experience points, gear durability loss, gear loss, and money loss. Some game publishers have begun to sell items that protect users from suffering these penalties. Often times player use these to embark on PK frenzies to kill other players without suffering the consequences.

7. Temporary In-Game Buffs and Potions

Game publishers usually sell these items on a discounted rate. These items can temporary increase a player’s attack and defense power. If these items are used correctly, a player may become insanely strong in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Usually game companies also sell special potions that offer great HP recovery capability.

8. Premium User Status

In some games, you can get a premium user status which can be guaranteed with bonus stats boost, enhanced leveling rate, and better upgrade chances. Pay for Power users should always look for these package deals which can enhance their game play greatly while getting the most out of their money.

9. Random Chance Items

These items, although not exactly “Pay for Power” directly, may be one of the best money makers for game publishing companies. These are items that are created with “gamble” in mind, where players have a low chance of getting a powerful item. You typically get a random specific item from a fixed line up when you use these random chance Cash Shop Items.

The chance of getting the powerful item is low like 1%. This type of item should be viewed as lottery ticket. You may get lucky and end up with the most powerful item in game.

I hope by learning about these possible items, you can enhance your F2P game play and become the best player possible. Good luck!

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