Stay Motivated for Your Guild When Things Turn Bad

Stay Motivated for Your Guild When Things Turn Bad

It is very encouraging and nice to run one the best guilds in your game server. However, what happens when things are not going so well. It is easy to get discouraged when people are leaving your guild. Or when a trusted member turned to the enemies and betrays you. Or when your guild loses a major war and will have to pay for the loss. However, you should never give up about running a successful guild because with dedicated work, your guild will eventually grow and attract great members.

Below I will discuss some of the ways to stay motivated through the hard times.

1. Remember the Good Times

Try to remember when you first started your guild, remember the first of the people that you have added into the guild. Remember your first dungeon runs, guild events, successful PvP wars together. By remembering the good times, you can continue to work to create more good times.

2. Think About Why the Guild was Created

Think about why you created the guild in the first place. Think about your goals and your dreams. Think about all the great things that you want to happen for your guild and your guild mates. Do not give up nor lose sight of all those desires and dreams.

3. Continue Playing the Game like You Loved

Take a break from handling the guild business and solo a bit. Remember how much you enjoyed the game and enjoyed to play with guild mates. If you really love the game and your guild, you should never give up on it.

4. Recruit New Members

It might seem counter intuitive to recruit more people when you are discouraged. However, by getting new members into your guild, you bring outside thoughts and livelihood to your guild member base. Recruit active and talkative members into your guild will motivate you to grow it. You will feel that your hard work is all worth it.

5. Turn to Your Core Members and Support Groups for Comfort

When things are bad and you feel discouraged, you should turn to the members who have been long standing beside you. You should listen to what they have to say. They may offer good advices and encourage you to continue and become a great guild leader.

6. Set Goals for Yourself and the Guild

Sit back and reconsider what you truly want to happen for your game play and your guild. Plan ahead for the future steps and what you like to see. Make those plans and steps happen and encourage/reward yourself when things go your way. It is a lot easier to stay motivated when you see that your guild is consistently growing and its members becoming increasingly stronger.

7. Never Give Up

You should understand that the guild is just like grinding for your MMORPG. It takes a lot of work and practice. Learn from the successful guilds and read about what it takes to be a strong guild leader. Never give up and you can achieve great things for your guild as the best leader possible.

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