How to be a Successful Guild Leader in Any Online Game

How to be a Successful Guild Leader in Any Online Game
Below are the main rules of how to become a successful guild leader at the game of your choice. Although many games have different types of game plays and mechanics, when it comes to leading a group of dedicated players, these rules are quite universal.

1. Be As Dedicated to the Guild and the Game as You Physically Can
You cannot successfully run a guild without you actually being present in the game. You should play the game as much as you can to show your guild mates that you are very serious about the game that you are playing.

2. Avoid Public Display of Negative Emotions
You, as a guild leader, carry a lot of weight as the main person of a guild. Your emotions are contagious to every members of the guild. If you are angry and negative all the way, the chances are that your guild members will feel that the atmosphere of the guild is always negative as well. You cannot have a successful fun guild when everyone feels down all the time.

3. Understanding the Feeling of Your Guild Members
Read your guild mates on how they are feeling in general about the guild. Act accordingly. Are your guildies energetic or tired? If they are energetic, it is time to host some great fun events. If they are tired and bored, maybe you should give them some words of encouragement so that they can continue to play the game at their highest potential.

4. Be Impartial when Enforcing Your Rules
When you are facing and trying to resolve any disputes among your members, you should never take sides and should always stick to your rules. Taking sides can antagonize the people in your guild and cause plenty of negative emotions. Once you set the rules, you should enforce it and follow it to show an example to all your guild mates.

5. Be Knowledgeable
Know the in’s and out’s of the game. You cannot lead the people without knowing everything there is to the game. Keep yourself up to date for all the dungeons, all the leveling tips and spots, all the good resources. If you are resourceful, you guild mates will always come to you with their questions. They will leave happy and feel secure when you can help them with their in game needs.
It is one of the easiest way to get respect from your fellow guild members.

6. Be Patient and Never Give Up
Running a successful guild as a successful guild leader takes a lot of work and practice. Learn from the successful guilds and read about what it takes to be a strong guild leader. Never give up and you can achieve great things for your guild as the best leader possible. Be patient to your fellow guild mates and your officers and help them grow gradually. Your guild will eventually blossom into a great reputable one.

7. Listen to Others and Take Their Advices
You should keep yourself open to new ideas that can potentially make the guild better and stronger. When you listen to people and take action, your guild mates will feel that they are a part of the guild and their thoughts are being listen to. You can greatly boost your guild morale and active rate just by listening to them.

8. Encourage Your Guild Mates
Always keep a tab on your guild mates achievements. See if they have leveled up more, obtained new gears, and simply completed a dungeon run. Do not forget to say good job once in a while and let them know that their guild leader cares about their gaming lives.
When they are down, also encourage to play more and level up more. As a successful guild leader, you need to keep your players motivated so that they advance through the game without quitting. Each player has the potential of becoming key members of your group. Do not take anyone lightly.

9. Successful leaders are Representatives of Their Guild
When you are acting as a guild leader outside of the group, remember that you are representing your entire guild. How you active will become how other people think of your guild mates and your guild. You should always act accordingly as a leader by acting politely and in a mature way. As a successful guild leader, you need to make your guild mates proud to follow you and be in your guild.

10. Inform Your Guild of Any Major Updates
You should always let your guild know what is happening and what will happen. Make your guild mates feel secure about where they are so that they will continue staying and contributing to your guild. You should never withhold any major information because that will break the trust between your guild mates and you.

By following these tips, you should be on your way to become a great guild leader. At the end as a bonus: You should always act based on what your heart’s desire. There are many ways of leading, you should pick one that suits you and your guilds culture the best. Good luck!

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