Gambling or Gaming? Play it the Right Way

Gambling or Gaming? Play it the Right Way in the Online MMORPG Casino

With more and more of the MMORPG’s on the market every year, the majority of these online games have incorporated a huge chunk of its game play with “systems of chance”. These chances determine whether or not you can get the item drops, the success rate of upgrading and refining your gears, and craft powerful equipments.

It is important for any player to understand why and how these systems work. These rules of thumb can help you exceed as a MMORPG player of any kind. Follow this generic step to achieve your potential in-game.

1. Understand and Estimate the Odds

Research the forums and read other user experiences to get a good estimate of your odds. You can not judge whether or not it is worth the gamble without knowing the odds yourself. Like in any Casinos, without knowing the odds of games, you do not know the chance of you losing, or winning.

2. Calculate Your Cost Based on the Odds

After you get a feel on the odds, you can then calculate your cost. Do a detailed cost analysis and figure out whether or not it is worth it to gamble and count on your luck. Or simply buy the finished product may it be refining or crafting.

3. Analyze the Cost Between Spending Real Money or In-Game Time

In most F2P games, you can improve your upgrade chance by spending real cash as protection items. You need to analyze whether or not the time spent gathering in game item is worth just handing out the cash. Based on your conclusion, you should go ahead and gamble without regret, or save the money to play longer in-game.

4. Be prepared to Lose

You should prepare yourself for any kind of loss. These systems essentially function like a casino. You should always play and gamble with the money that you can afford to lose. You should always have fun doing so as well. Because after your analysis, you should understand that you play with the odds slightly tilted in your favor. In essence, online MMORPG is more like a poker game where you play and PvP other players based on the luck that you have.

5. Stay Positive

Whether or not you succeed in upgrading or crafting, you should always stay positive and try again. If your goal is to become the best in your game, you should never give up. Always try to learn more and attempt more until you get that godly gear you desire.

6. Beat Other Players at Gambling

With the knowledge and analysis of the gambling aspect and your cost ratio, you should know whether or not other players are selling their loots and materials at a discounted based on the final value of the attempted items. Always take advantage of another’s mistake in these calculations. For example, if you are going to +7 a specific item and you calculate it costs 2 million to make a +6. However, people are selling their +6’s at 1 million.

Take advantage of it by buying all the +6’s from the market and attempt at +7. Instead of making the equipments from scratch.

7. Never Spend What You Cannot Afford

Like any casino game, you should never spend more than what you can afford. Both from an in-game currency point of view and real money point of view. You should never bomb all your in-game money on one single upgrade because it will hinder your game play in the future. In addition, you should never put your life savings just to get a legendary one of a kind item in your server. Your real money can be used for other things.

Good luck with all your MMORPG upgrades!

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