Basic Pokers Concepts to Make Money with Poker Game

Basic Pokers Concepts to Make Money with Poker Game

Some TV channels regularlly play world poker tournaments where top players are pitted against each other for million dollar prizes. Do you wonder if you can be a part of that group and make great money? It is possible if you are willing to spend the time to learn, practice, and lose to learn more. You may eventually become a top player as well. This guide will unravel some of the myths about top poker players and help you make the right decisions throughout your journey if you choose to play.

This guide will offer some simple introductory concepts in general poker play. This guide will teach beginner poker players basic concepts to make money with the game. These concepts apply for both cash games and tournament styles. More in-depth guides will be written at a later time to cover the general concepts that I have chosen to list here.

All of my guides will be written in simple step by step format with easy to understand subcategories. At this time I do not promote any specific poker rooms. The purpose of this guide is to simply share free and good advices on how to make money with online poker and general poker play.

1. Poker is Skill Based – You get paid for your poker ability
Poker is skill based, you will be using your mathematical odds calculating skill, bluff skill, and people reading skill in order to excel and make money in poker. The things that you will be fighting to win are both other players and the casinos. You need to improve your poker skills so that you can consistently beat other players as well as the casino rake or fees.

2. Understanding the Odds – Card odds and Pot Odds
Learn about the different odds at making your hands. May it be a simple straight or a royal flush. Understanding your odds is vital to consistently win in poker games. By betting consistently related to the current pot amount, you can ensure that you get the most value out of your winning hands. You also let go of your losing hands instead of chasing after a lost cause.

3. Survive Through Variances – Do not let another players lucky streak become your tomb
Poker play is not a consistent way to make great money. There will be ups and downs where you will lose significant chunk of money at any time because another player has made a better hand than you. Play good consistent poker with enough bankroll is vital to keep you stay in the game. If your skill is significantly better than your opponents, you should eventually be winning and making money.

4. Bluff Your Way to Glory – A huge part of your winning
Bluffing is such a great part of poker that it deserves a section of its own. Given that all players experience a zero-sum game when it comes to having good and bad cards. You can achieve consistent return only when you bluff your opponents’ stronger hands to fold into your bad cards.

5. Bankroll aka Money Management – Can you afford to play at all
Bankroll is important to your poker play both as a beginner and as a pro. First of all you should never play with the money that you cannot afford to lose. Second you should always have enough bankroll so that your down turns will not chew through your entire stack of money. Given these two common sense concepts, many pro players have developed bankroll rules of their own. As a beginner, you can look up some of the common ways of bankroll management and experiment with different rules of thumb until you find one that is suitable to your style and monetary resources.

6. Online Poker room/Casino Promotions – Free money for grab
Before you embark your journey with any online poker play, make sure that you research through the common ways and promotions that the casino is offering. Typically make casinos offer deposit bonuses, VIP frequent player points/systems, and a few offer rake back. As a beginner, you should mainly lookout for good introductory deposit bonuses with easy to clear systems. Many existing poker related sites can show you that information. (They typically are affiliate partners of the casinos which can earn a percentage of the money that you deposit)

7. Truths about Big Pots – Zero-sum game as core

When you first start playing, you would be tempted to go all in with JJ, QQ, KK, or even AA. These hands sometimes can offer you generous payouts if some other players wish to play with you. Remember that these hands may be good to get you great pots, they are also zero sum games because other players have the same chance of getting those cards than you. Same thing applies with making great hands such as 4 of a kinds and straight flushes. You only make money when you stop the zero sum game by maximizing your great hands value, and minimizing your losses when the wind turns another way.

8. Conquering Your Emotions – Tilting is guaranteed to make you lose money over the long run
Tilt is the term used in poker world to describe when a player has lost his emotional cool. A tilting player will often play the hands that he normally would not play and bet heavily. These times usually occur when you suffer a major bad beat against a player who simply relied on luck. As a beginner, stick to your rules and play good poker. Avoid going tilt by quitting when you start to believe that you are playing bad reckless poker. Saving money is better than losing all your money going all-in with a 2-5 off-suit.

9. Playing with Players Weaker than You – Not another way around
Concentrate on your table and observe other players. Do they get bluffed and back down easily? Do they bet big regardless of what they have? As you get better with your poker play, you start to notice weaker players and how they act and react. Follow these players and play them if you want to make money. By understand where you and your opponents stand is the sure way of making money. Avoid playing with the pros who are better than you, at the end of the day, you only have the money in your pocket to prove.

10. Make Other Players Follow Your Rhythm
A huge part of the poker game is to make people do what you want them to do. When you have great hands, you want others to think that you are weak and they just pump their money trying to bluff you away. When you have weak hands you want others to think that you have strong hands so that they will fold. By making other players believe in what you want them to believe is the sure way of making money. You make money by manipulating your opponents and have them follow your rhythm.

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