Lord Pet List with Coordinates and Attack Type

Lord Pet List with Coordinates and Attack Type
This is a list of all the lord pets that you would be able to catch at this point.  This list is obtained from the official forum via Gexy's list.  To view the original thread, go to the end of the page and view it.  It should be noted that the spawn time for each mob is two hours.

Ravanger Lord lv20 - Dragon Emperor's Catacomb (238.239) Str-PH Attack
Naga Lord Lv30 - Sea of Atlantis(248,108) Int-MAGIC Attack
Piranha Lord Lv35 - Aegean North(213,213) Int-MAGIC Attack
Vile Ocean Giant Lord Lv40 - Aegean Proper(133,62) Str-PH Attack
Terracotta Captain Lord lv40 - Emperor Catacomb lvl 1 (167,164) Str-PH Attack

Seahorse Lord lv45 - Aegean South (247,176) Str-PH Attack
Terracotta Soldier lord lv45 - Emperor Catacomb lvl 2 (131,88) Vit-PH Attack
Gator Lord Lv50 - Grand Rift(100,259) Str-PH Attack
Medusa Lord Lv60 - Bermuda Islands(116,100) Int-MAGIC Attack
Jungle Defender Lord Lv60 - Angkor Jungle(72,209) Vit-PH Attack
Werewolf Lord Lv60 - King's Gorge(251,139) Str-PH Attack

Death Lord Lv65 - Soulbound Crypt (91,122) Str-PH Attack
Tribe Warder Lord lv65 Angkor Encampment (225,138) Int-MAGIC Attack
Dwarf Lord lv70 - Dwarves' Forest(116,125) Str-PH Attack
King Of Desert Lord lv71 nile river west (163,60) Str-PH Attack
Centaur Lord Lv75 - Viking Steppe(231,48) Vit-PH Attack
Ashura Vanguard Lord - Lv75 Ankor Temple lvl 1 (169,140) Vit-PH Attack

Ashura Champion Lord - Lv79 Ankor Temple lvl 2 (137,160)
Kingoni Grantara Lord - Lv85 Ankor Temple lvl 3 (209,104)Int-MAGIC Attack
King Bettle Lord lv85 - khufu desert (193,280)
Yeti Lord lv90 - Nordic lands (52,261) Str-PH Attack

Source:  To view the latest list, consider visiting the official forum thread by Gexy viaLord Pets List with coords

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