Improve Your Poker Skills in 7 Simple Steps

Improve Your Poker Skills in 7 Simple Steps

This guide will offer some simple steps for you to take as a beginner poker player. This guide will definitely help to improve your skills with the game and make money. These concepts apply for both cash games and tournament styles.

Poker is skill based, you will be using your various poker skills to excel and make money in poker play. The things that you will be fighting to win are both other players and the casinos. You need to improve your skills so that you can consistently beat other players as well as the casino rake or fees.

All of my guides will be written in simple step by step format with easy to understand subcategories. At this time I do not promote any specific poker rooms. The purpose of this guide is to simply share free and good advices on how to make money with online poker and general poker play.

1. Learn About Your Hand Strengths
Read various guides on how pro players define their hand strengths. Determine the best way for you to play your hands that suit both your personality and playing style. Depening on the different types of game play and players sitting at the table, the strength of hand that you may possibly play is different.

2. Understand Different Patterns to Making a Hand
You can only play good poker when you can realize the different hand combinations as soon as they are dealt. What are your shots at potentially getting cards that can trump your opponents as cards are being dealt? Do your opponents have a good chance at drawing the card at the river that can grab the entire pot? You should bet accordingly either to get the most value out of your hands or pull out early to avoid potential big losses.

3. Practice Reading Poker Tells, Use Your Power of Observation to Make Money
People are creatures of habit; the same idea applies to people when they play poker. In most cases, tigher players typically play tight games and loose players typicalyl bet bigger and have bigger swings and variances. Learn to observe what different people do at different times. You should especially pay attention to people’s betting patterns when others go to showdown. Do they bet when they have great cards or do they typically slow play? It is a complicate science because it also deals with how the other players react against each other. Practice reading these signs and make money off their mistakes and tendencies.

4. Learn to Calculate and Estimate Pot Odds Quickly
Pot odds calculation is important for you to determine whether or not it is worthy for you to chase after draws. You should never put good money into a bad pile of money with the odds piled against you. However, if you have a good chance at drawing the winning hand, you should try your best to manipulate into getting into the pot with the least chips possible. Pot odds is calculated by simply comparing the amount that’s currently in the pot versus what you have to put to stay in. However you should always also think about the potential future chips at later rounds that you may have to bet to continue staying in.

5. Play Against the Pros or Observe Them to Learn
Playing against pros is the sure way to loose money over the long term. However, you can learn a great deal from their strategies if you pay attention to their playing styles. Either practice with them and pay tuition to them or you can simply observe them in action during their games. Observe what do they do under certain situations and what type of games that they play.

6. Practice the Art of Bluffing
Bluffing is a huge part of the game that must be utilized to make you money. Never bluff for bluffing’s sake. Bluff for the sake of winning money over time. Observe other players to see if they are tight or loose. When you bluff, always bluff with the minimal amount of chips possible as long as you get the others to fold into you. So that when you get caught bluffing, you suffer minimal losses.

7. Play Within Your Means and Keep Your Cool
This is probably also another one of the most important but easily forgotten rule when you play. You should never play with money that you cannot afford to lose. Sometimes you just want to bet a little more or a little looser trying to get back the amount of money that you have lost. This is another sure way for you to lose even more money over the long time. Practicing maintaining your cool no matter what. Consider stop playing when you realize that you are starting to lose your temper over poker.

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