10 Steps to Become a Top Tier Player in Online Games

10 Steps to Become a Top Tier Player in Online Games

1. Choose the Game that You Enjoy

You cannot become the Master at your game if you do not enjoy the graphics, the music, or the storyline, or finally the game play itself. Choose the game first so that you will enjoy it, dedicate to it, and become the best at the game.

2. Research the Forums

You cannot become the Master at your game without having all the information possible. Frequent the forums often to see if anyone has any tips that you have never thought of, read everything that other players know and have shared on the forums, ask questions. Knowledge is a huge part of success during your game play.

3. Research Other Websites including Other Game Versions if Applicable

Similar to the Forums, get to know everything there is to know about the game. You should visit all the websites with information related to the game and learn from them. Visit other versions of the game that are being published in other forums. Read their forums and learn about things that may happen in the future. This can generate you great in-game money through trading.

4. Verify and Experiment with the Information You have Obtained

After researching the forums and other websites, log in your game to see if those tips and knowledge actually work. Visit the past patches of your version to see how well they match with the others. Make educated guesses based on what you have found. You will be well ahead of other players and can easily become the Master at your game.

5. Spend the Time to Grind, Practice, and Gather Wealth

MMORPG’s are like real life, you need to spend the time to level up, to get good at handling your characters, and make enough money to get all the l33t gears. Figure out ways so that you can Level Up Faster. Spend the time and pay the due. The more time that you spent wisely, the better you will be at your game.

6. Upgrade Your Real Life Equipments

To be great and master your gameply, having enough real life equipment is an absolute necessary. The last thing you want is to lag in the middle of PK session, disconnect from dungeons because of bad internet, or lag behind your group because of long loading screen time. Upgrade your real life equipment may it be your computer, your internet, your air circulation, or even your chair so that you can for longer period of time.

7. Make Friends and Get to Know People

Build connections and group with people is important to become the best player possible. Having great connections with powerful players can enable you to sell your high end gears quicker, have more and frequent dungeon runs, level faster with dedicated leveling groups, and sometimes powerful guilds that can help you with leveling and money.

8. Pay Real Money

Pay real money to enhance your game play is necessary when other top players are doing so. Many F2P games now offer cash shops that can offset the balance of game play quite greatly. You most likely will have to pay for power in order to excel at your game and become one of the top tier players.  In these scenarios, you should always Spend Your Cash Wisely.

In addition, you could also pay third parties such as gold sellers or power levelers to enhance your characters. However most MMORPG publishers strictly forbid this and you may have a really high chance of being SCAMMED and HACKED. You should use absolute sound judgement when you decide to go this route.

9. Play Efficiently and Be Organized

A MMORPG master plays the game efficiently without wasting much time in everything that he does. You should organize your time well when it comes to grinding or dungeon running. You should measure reguarly what kind of game play can optimize your leveling and money gathering time.

10. Gamble Only When the Odds are In Your Favor

Many of the MMORPG’s offer upgrading systems or other possible systems with a heavy element of “chance” implemented. These “chance” systems can provide opportunities for you to either make or break your character or your build. Before you embark on any major gambling, look around existing sources and make educated calculation to see if it is cheaper to buy existing products or gamble it yourself. Typically it is cheaper to get the equipments or pets that others have pre-made. Study and research so that any gambling would be in your favor!


Lastly, never give up at the game that you truly love. You will eventually become the top tier player if you never quit and just keep working at it. I guarantee you. Good luck!

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