Introductory PVP Guide for MMORPG's – Generic Guide for Beginners

Introductory PVP Guide for MMORPG's – Generic Guide for Beginners

PvP has become an important part of game play for most of the MMORPG’s. Some games are extremely focused on the PvP aspects that they advertise it as 1000 vs 1000. To be good at PvPing takes a lot of research, practice, and improving your characters builds and gears.

Below I will list out the most important factors in PvP play. By understanding these aspects and applying to the game of your choice as a beginner. You can definitely improve your game play and PvP experience.

Please note that this is a very generic guide and it may or may not apply to your game at all. However, it should because all the games operate with similar mechanics and concepts.

Damage Dealing Capability
Most single PvP scenarios end when one kills another by taking out their HP completely. This means that your damage output is one of the most important factors. If your damage is not enough to penetrate through your enemy’s defense and HP count and he can, he will kill you and you lose in the PvP.

Usually the player class with burst damage capability (Great damage under a short period of time) typically does better in PvP compared to classes with great average damage output.

For example, I will compare two characters: 1 with a damage skill that deals 10k damage but with 10 seconds cool down, another 1 with average damage of 1k per second. Both characters have similar damage within 10 seconds time frame. However if you fight with someone having only 5k HP, you will be far better off because you instantly kill your enemies without being counter attacked.

Status Ailment
This concept includes powerful status ailments such as Stun, Confuse, Sleep, and etc which can disable the enemy attack and/or movements completely. Some of the weaker status ailment may be poison or temporary lowered defense/resistance from attacks and specific elements. These status ailments need to be used in conjunction of the DPS strategies to deal the most damage while protecting yourself from being killed.

Common strategy for most MMORPG is 1. Stun the enemy and unload all your best damage dealing skills. 2. Sleep the enemy (usually enemy recovers from this as soon as being attacked. 3. Wait for cool down time to end while enemy is Sleep. 4. Finish the combo by unloading the second round of skills and win.

Defense can be categorized into two branches to counter the type of attacks that you face in PvP: Damage protection (HP amount) and Status Ailment (Debuff) Protection. The higher defense ability you have, the better you can survive through enemy attacks.

It should be noted that sometimes you may have to trade off defense for additional damage output. Make sound judgement based on the actualy game mechanics and your playing style.

Misc Factors
Depending on the design of the game, some MMORPG's may have factors that can significantly alter the PvP game play. These factors may include - Healing Item Usage, Cash Shop Item Usage, Additional Buff Items, or Summon Pets which can either support you or increase your damage output. These are all important factors to consider when you PvP in you game if applicable.

For group PvP’s, you typically do not battle alone. You have your teammates to fight besides you and/or assist you. For these scenarios, the support classes are extremely important. They could both heal and buff you with great stat bonuses in most cases.

Skill Timing
Player skills typically have fixed casting or cool down periods so that you cannot spam most of your skills nonstop. Experiment and practice with your own skills and strategy versus the enemy’s. By studying and practicing with status ailment skills and skill cool down times, very often you can kill other people without ever taking damage.

Movement Positioning
Similar to player skills with timing, most player skills have range limited for the effective area. By studying and realizing your and your enemy’s attack range limitations, you can position yourself in such a way that you can kill optimally. Practice with in game location where it is hard to hit from another point of view, hide behind a tree or rock, admist a group of mobs (if the mob does little to no damage to you) or simply stay out of melee classes range if you are a ranged class.

By positioning yourself well, you can deal the most damage possible while taking the least damage possible.

Stealth Effect (If available)
Some classes have stealth skills that can throw the timing of some people off if used well. These stealth skills will usually counter single target skills if the game mechanic designs that way. If the stealth skill has short cool down time, you can wear off any enemies to death without taking damage by timing the stealth skill wel.

Imagine that you are playing a first person shooter, you want to hide yourself while killing off your enemies.

Other Variations of PvP play
Other types of PvP play exist depending on the game of your chocie. Typically these scenarios are variations of either Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Mass Group vs Group, Or Item Transport. Depending on your class, you may have different role in these PvP plays.

For example, typically you need a Tank class with lots of HP and defensive skillsto participate in Item Transport to avoid enemies from killing you.

I will close this MMORPG guide with the one final truth about PvP. What truly matters at the end is whether or not you can kill off your enemies while staying alive for more. You should always aim for the best build and gears that once you kill one, you still have the capability to continue killing. It is all about kill counts without dying.

Enjoy the game to kill without being killed.

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