Complete Guide to EXP in Frontierville

Complete Guide to EXP in Frontierville
There are many ways to get EXP in frontierville. The entire list of ways to obtain EXP in Frontierville is listed in this blog post. I will list out the different EXP awarded with different actions at a later time for each category as I play more of the game. By listing all these possible methods of EXP source, you will be able to plan and decide which leveling route is the best for your game play.

These are not ranked in anyway but rather an overview of the possible methods.

Planting Crops
You get fixed EXP depending on the type of crops when you plant.

Harvesting Crops
You get fixed EXP depending on the type of crops when you harvest.

Watering/Harvesting Trees
You get fixed EXP when you water or harvest trees.

You get either 1 to 2 EXP when you chop trees

Feeding Animals
You get fixed EXP when you feed your livestock. It should be noted that mystery animals give +5 EXP per tend.

Anything that you purchase such as decorations awards you with some bonus EXP.

Whacking for Building
While you are creating your building, you get a fixed amount of EXP per whack.

Clearing the Land
When you are clearing the land, you get EXP.

Clobbering Varmints
Clobbering Varmints give you decent EXP when you successfully kill it.

Tending Neighbor’s Village
Tending Neighbor’s Village give you the same amount of EXP as if you were tending the village your self.

Completing Goals
Once in a while, you get goals either by normal game progress or through purchasing. Completing the goals generally will provide you with some bonus EXP.

Completing Collections
Some collections will award you with bonus EXP. For the entire list of collection bonuses, you could check out this page. Quick and Simple Collection Reference for Frontierville

Completing Achievements
Most of the achievement offer you bonus EXP when you obtain the badge. You should note that some of the achievements reward lots of EXP that they could boost you a couple levels early on if you can achieve it. These achievements include the consumption and energy use badges. Frontierville Complete List of Badges

Building Bonuses
You could achieve some of the best EXP ratio in-game with buildings. The one that should be noted is the chicken coop which let you harvest all ready chicken once per day. If you have filled your village with hundreds of chickens, you could instantly gain hundreds of EXP per day per coop. You can have up to 5 chicken coops in your village.

Social Feeds/Share EXP
Early in the game, the social feed EXP are a great source of additional EXP. Some of the social feed bonuses can go up to 100 EXP per feed.

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