Quick and Simple Collection Reference for Frontierville

Quick and Simple Collection Reference for Frontierville
This is a quick reference guide of the possible collections in Frontierville. I have chosen to emphasize on the type of rewards that you would receive. The game itself is pretty clear about the type of items that you need to complete collections. I feel that it is pointless to list them out again. I researched through a couple guides but found them hard to use and confusing.

I believe that as players, all you are interested in are the final results and not the fluff in between. Without further ado, feel free to refer to this guide for your Frontierville needs.
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Good luck in game!

Crop Collections:
Clover Collection: Free Sheep, 25 Food
Corn Collection: Free Goat, 25 EXP
Cotton Collection: 5 Cloth, 1 Ribbon
Eggplant Collection: 2 Firecrackers
Flax Collection: 2 Cloth, 4 Ribbon
Peanut Collection: Unwither Crops Boost
Peas Collection: Wither Protection Boost
Potato Collection: 60 Food, Free Crate
Pumpkin Collection: Free Goose, 25 EXP
Squash Collection: Accelerate Animal Boost, 50 EXP
Sunflower Collection: +8 Energy
Tomato Collection: 500 Coins
Wheat Collection: Haystack, Pitchfork

Animal Collections:
Chicken Collection: +4 Energy
Cow Collection: 25 Food, Free Bucket
Goat Collection: Cherry Tree, 25 EXP
Goose Collection: Downy Feather, 35 Food
Horse Collection: Mule
Mule Collection: Fruit Ready Boost
Mystery Animal Collection: Stuffed Bear
Ox Collection: Cow, 25 EXP
Pig Collection: Peach Tree, 25 EXP
Sheep Collection: 3 Cloth, 2 Ribbon
Turkey Collection: Accelerate Crop Boost, 50 EXP

Building Collections:
Barn Collection: Sawhorse, Animal Harvest Boost
Cabin Collection: 2 Clothing, Rocking Chair
Chicken Coop Collection: Downy Feathers, 50 Food
Foundry Collection: Powder Keg
General Store Collection: 50 Wood, 2 Tools
Graveyard Collection (Halloween): Skull, 25 EXP
Inn Collection: Lucky Horseshoe
Jackalope Lodge Collection: 2 Free Goats
Land Office Collection: Free Ox, Barbed Wire Fence
Sawmill Collection: +1 Max Energy
School Collection: 3500 Coins
Storage Shed Collection: Work Bench
Tailor Shop Collection: 3 Cloth, 100 Coins
Toll Collection: Road Sign
Wagon Collection: 2 Plank, 2 Fire
Fruit Trees Collections:
Apple Collection: Pig, 25 EXP
Apricot Collection: 3000 Coins
Cherry Collection: +3 Energy
Peach Collection: +7 Energy, Barrel
Pear Collection: Free Crate, 50 EXP

Nature Collections:
Clearing Collection: 35 Wood, Shovel
Oak Tree Collection: Fire, Oak Sapling
Pine Tree Collection: 3 Planks, Pine Sapling
Wildflower Collection: Bouquet, 50 EXP

Wild Animal Collections:
Bear Collection: 1 Clothing, Animal Ready Boost
Fox Collection: Free Goose, 25 EXP
Groundhog Collection: +4 Energy
Snake Collection: Apple Tree, 40 Food

Crafting Collection: 3 Tools, 50 Wood
Family Collection: Reputation +2, Washboard
Hex Collection (Halloween): Pumpkin Topiary
Independence Day Collection: Liberty Bell
Labor Day Collection: School Wagon
Manure Collection: Saltpeter
Postcard Collection: Saltpeter
Thanksgiving Collection: Turkey Fryer
Treat Collection: Bear Costume
Trick Collection (Halloween): Reaper Costume

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