Benefits of Lots of Neighbors in Frontierville

Benefits of Lots of Neighbors in Frontierville

Like any social game, to really excel in Frontierville, you would really need a lot of neighbors to be able to move forward faster than your peers. Below I will go over the reasons on why that is the case.

1. Gifting
You can never have too little gifts when it comes to Facebook social games. In Frontierville, some of the gifts that you can give include Energy, fruit trees, and more.

2. Building Materials
A huge part of the game revolves around buildings in Frontierville. The buildings offers some of the greatest bonuses in game such as special boosts and even fast leveling speeds. However, to fully complete the buildings, you would need the help of your social friends to provide you with building materials such as nails and such. Unless you want to spend real money to complete your buildings, having many Frontierville friends is the way to go.

3. Upfront Bonus to YOU when you visit your neighbors
When you visit other neighbors, you will receive 5 Energy points plus some money and clothes the first time you visit. The reward drops down to 1 Energy point after the first visit.

4. Ability to Tend Your Neighbor’s Things
You can tend your neighbor’s village when you visit them. You could always tend the items that you may need the most such as chopping down woods, harvest, or simply completing your goals. You will get EXP, money, food, wood, and reputation depending on the actions that you take.

5. Having Your Neighbors Tending Your Village
You can also save quite an amount of energy when your neighbors tend your items. Although this is sort of random, however, by having lots of neighbors, there is a higher chance that someone will tend your village. You will still get the EXP, money, food, wood just like you are tending them yourself.

6. Social Feeds Bonuses
When you run out of energy, one of the best place to go is the game stories to check what bonuses are there for you to grab. Most of the time people will post their bonuses for you to get free EXP, Food, or even energy. Having more social neighbors and friends on Facebook will definitely help because you will receive for social feeds.

7. Motivation
Although this is not exactly a physical bonus, but mentally it is a great help when you feel bad about how long it will take to reach the next level. By having a few high level peers in your neighbor group, you will be more motivated to continue leveling and move forward in game.

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