Best Crop to Plant in Frontierville

Best Crop to Plant in Frontierville
In this original blog article, I will discuss why these two crops are the best to plant and harvest in Frontierville. I will first discuss the theory and thought process behind planting and harvest in Frontierville. I will go through these factors when planning your planting/harvest strategy: Theoratically Best Profit/EXP, Energy Regeneration, Land Size Limition, Energy Loss, Collection Rewards.

If you just want the conclusions, simply go to the end of the blog post.

Theoratical Best Profit/EXP Crop
Theoratically, the best crop for money and EXP is the clover due to its low turnaround time. Yet in practice, it is not likely because you have limted time to harvest plus limited Energy to use. Theoratically if there is no energy limition, the shorter the time frame, the better the return (with the exception of Sunflower being better than some other short lived crops)

Energy Regeneration
You regenerate 1 Energy every 5 minutes naturally, plus other sources of energy regeneration. You should only plant the numbers crops that you can harvest in time. This means that you should always plant the crops that are the most efficient depending on your energy reserve, your playing time, and your land size.
For example: Pumpkin takes one hour to grow. You only regenerate 12 points of Energy during that one hour. Let’s assume that you can get an additional 30 Energy during that time period because of other possible ways of gathering energy. Therefore, the most Pumpkin that you can harvest is 42 batches for anything you can grow. Because of this, the better the return, the better the crops are. Yet, you also need to consider other factors.

Land Size Limitation
Your land is limited to how much Zynga games give you throughout the game. A given crop will only be efficient if you can manage to use its full potential by growing the full amount possible for which you can harvest.

I will use the Pumpkin example again: To be able to harvest 42 batches of Pumpkin, you must have 42 land available to use up all those energy. If you can, you will achieve an EXP of 42*4 = 168 EXP/hour by planting and harvest all of those Pumpkins.

Now, let me move to something with greater growth length – Wheat (1 day). To be able to fully extract its growing potential, you will need 288 land pieces (12 Energy *24 = 288). When you can grow wheat on 288 land pieces, you will be able to harvest continuously. Let’s also assume that you can get energy from other boosts. This will mean you will need even more land to be able to achieve that. It is not likely for you to completely cover your village with wheat or other high gross crops. It is also not likely for you to play nonstop 24/7.

Energy Loss
We are not robots and we cannot really play nonstop. So most of the time we will suffer energy losses where the energy bar reaches the max and no new ones are gained. Because of this, you will not get the full benefit of my assumptions that all energy are used in harvesting.

Best Crops:
Having said all those factors, I have concluded the following crops are the best:

Flax: This crop takes 8 hours to grow, which means that you will have 96 Energy while the crop is growing. It is very probable for you to fully plant the amount at early game stage. In addition, it offers decent EXP and food. Best of all, its collection reward offers ribbon which you can use in school lessons.

Sunflower: This crop takes 18 hours to grow, which means that you will have 216 Energy while the crop is growing. Although it is a little stretching to plant 216+ Sunflowers in your village, this crop offers better profit ratio than Squash, Flax, Corn, and Cabbage. Sunflowers offer great proft, decent food. Lastly, its collection reward is a whopping +8 energy. Even if you cannot fully utilize the Energy because of land limitation, you could use the spill over Energy in other actions.

Final Words:
The efficiency is theoratical in practice. The best practice in the field is still based on your own life style and playing time. In the end, if you only play once every 4 days. Peanuts will be the best crop to plant. And so on and so forth for the other crops. So create your own strategies based on my ideas, and you will be the best player in frontierville in no time!

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