Simple Energy Recover Guide in Frontierville

Simple Energy Recover Guide in Frontierville

1. Wait for Time Tick
Recover energy by waiting 5 minutes to recover 1 point of Energy.

2. Visiting Neighbor’s Village
Visiting a Neighbor’s Village will yield you 5 Energy per Visit. However, after the first visit you will only receive 1 point of Energy.

3. Eat Food Given to You as Gift
Your neighbor could gift you with food that can recover energy. The actual amount recovered is based on the gift that you have received.

4. Purchase food via the Market
You could purchase food via the market by exchanging your food count with food. It should also be noted that some of the foods can be exchanged with Horseshoes.

5. Leveling Up
Leveling up completely refills your Energy bar.

6. Access Your Game Via Tool Bar
If you access Frontierville via the Zynga game tool bar, you will get an Energy boost.

7. Join Zynga Game’s Email Program
Once per day, you will receive an email with food bonuses that you can consume.

8. Tending Your Village
Occasionally your actions will reward you with Energy Points which will offset the energy that you spend. I personally notice the free energy coming from the 5 minute harvest which are the clovers.

9. Complete Collections that Reward Energy
Some collections reward you with energy. These collections are:
Cherry Collection: 3 Energy
Chicken Collection: 4 Energy
Groundhog Collection: 4 Energy
Peach Collection: 7 Energy
Sunflower Collection: 8 Energy
Sawmill Collection: Permanent Max Energy +1

10. Harvest Mules and Horses
Harvesting mules and horses will grant you some additional energy.

11. Access Weather Bonus
Occasionally, the weather bonus will offer you little energy boost. In addition, some bonuses may offer your energy bonus toward specific actions such as chopping down the tree.

12. Access Social Newsfeeds
Constantly check your social news feeds especially if you have many friends playing. Many times you can get free energy by going to feeds.

13. Utilizing Inn’s Daily Bonus
If you have an Inn, remember to access the daily bonus for +3 Energy

14. School Lessons
Although school does not directly recover your energy. You can take lesson Early to Bed so so you can gain energy 15 seconds quicker.

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