Increase Your Max Energy in Frontierville

Increase Your Max Energy in Frontierville

Energy is pretty hard to come by in Frontierville. By having more energy, you can spend less time in your game and only tend it once in a while. Below are the latest ways for you to increase your Max Energy.

1. Sawmill Collection
Completing Sawmill Collection will grant you one additional Max Energy

2. Leveling Up
Depending on your level, when you level up, your Max Energy may be increased. Zynga games has made several changes to when you get the bonuses.

3. School Lessons
The school lessons Health Education give you 5 Max Energy. Recess Lesson gives you 1 additional Energy

4. Buy Beef Jerky
Beef Jerky give you one additional Energy

5. Get Spouse and Kids
Spouse gives you 3 additional Energy and each Kid gives you 1 additional Energy

6. Complete Birthday Time! Goal
Completing the goal gives you one Energy.

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