Complete Champion Class Guide for the Ultimate Tank - Battle of the Immortals (BoI)

Complete Slayer Class Guide for high DPS - Battle of the Immortals (BoI)

Complete Champion Class Guide for the Ultimate Tank - Battle of the Immortals (BoI)

Champions are the main tanking class in the Battle of the Immortals. Champions have the most HP compared to other classes, in addition to mainly defense skills. A well geared Champion is a good addition to instance dungeon runners because of their defensive ability. Successful Champion can tank many groups of mobs through the dungeons as well as the final boss. At mid-game/end game stage they are a necessary class by instance running groups.

In terms of solo play, this is the most inefficient class to level up with because they have the lowest damage output compared to all other classes. Because of this, they are a little slower to level at lower levels.  However, at higher levels because they are always needed in the dungeons, finding a party to run dungeons become easier.

This guide will help you become a good tanking Champion by helping you understand the stats, builds, end-game results, and skills of successful and effective tanking Champion.

The Beginning - Stats and Builds
Stats of Focus 
As a defensive tank class, your goal of being a Champion is to max out your defense and tank groups of mobs and keep your teammates alive in the process.  In group parties such as instance dungeons, they charge in front to gather mobs while the other classes such as Magus stay in the back dishing out area damage skills while the tanking classes tank the mobs.  Also they focus on keeping the bosses on them to tank the damage.  To excel as a great defensive Champion, these are the main in-game stats that you need to find ways to boost:

HP:  This determines the survivability of your Champion.  In both instance dungeons and group PVP situations, you need to improve your HP count to stay alive and assist your team mates.

Physical Defense: Magical damage is one of the main stats that will directly affect how much damage output that the Champion can achieve.  To be a great offensive Champion, maximizing your damage output is the most important thing to do.

Accuracy:  This is also an important stats, however it should mainly be boosted via gem stones instead of stats.  The purpose of accuracy is to be able to hit the mobs to hold aggro better.  However, the defensive capability of the Champion should take priority.
Evasion This is the least important defensive stats.  This should be only considered after you have maxed out the other stats.  Additional evasion helps occasionally but you should not depend on this stats because Champion’s overall evasion count is still low.

Vit:  This build is the best build for Champion in terms of defensive ability because Vit boosts you HP count. Champion is a tanking class for instance dungeon parties, therefore Champion should focus more onj achieving the best tanking capability output.
 Although this build suffers low damage output, and results in lower solo-leveling speed.  At higher levels when grouped with higher DPS classes, the leveling speed would then pick up.

Vit / Str: This is a possible build for Champion because the Str added would boost the damage output.  This build does have its merit because you can potential add gems stones that can make up for your relatively lower HP compared to the Vit build.

Vit Str Dex:  This build has the benefit of attaining higher accuracy than pure Vit or Vit Str mix builds.  However it is more worthwhile to put your points into Vit or Str rather than Dex.  Given that you can always make up for your relative Dex with Accuracy Gems.

Str:  This is a possible build to allow you to achieve faster solo leveling speed compared to other Champion builds.  However this is not recommended because this build will most likely result in you becoming a mediocre tanking
.  This build will have much lower HP count than pure Vit builds at end game levels.
End Game Champion
End game scenarios for Battle of the Immortals are usually defined as level 85+. As Champions increase in levels, its HP advantage over the other classes becomes more and more defined and far.  This is mainly because other classes do not add or add a little Vit in their builds.  Champion also has a higher natural Vit growth. Champion is the master of tank with all the defensive skills available to him.

Generally speaking, a well geared Champion can tank and survive any mobs and bosses with sufficient food, pet, and healer support. However, a Champion becomes even more effective they are well geared with highly upgraded Soul Gear with high level defensive gems. Champion are always wanted in mid and high level instance dungeons because of their tanking capability.   However, Champions are not a solo play classes because of their low damage output.

Champion Skills
As an defensive tanking class, you should focus on consistently boost your defensive ability.  Therefore leveling your defensive ability and boosting any passive skills that increase your defense is your first priority.  You should also be focusing on the mob aggro skills so that you can keep the groups of mobs and bosses on you. At the end, level up your damage skills consistently because extra damage helps keep the aggro on you instead of your party members.

For the defensive buffs, you should level Invigorate to improve your HP regen and resistance.  Justice ward to increase your defense points, Shield Wall for the short burst of defense ability, Zeal which raises your Vit by %.  At the end you could complete your skill set with Invincible for the emergency times..

For the aggro skills, you should focus on Taunt for single target and Challenge for AoE aggro. Finally for the damage skills you could level up Vital Strike, Shield Strike, and Holy Storm which is one of the most powerful attack for the Champions in Battle of the Immortals.
To be a ultimate tanking Champion in the Battle of the immortals, you need to have strong and aka expensive gears to be highly successful.  Below are some of the guidelines that you can follow to obtain those gears.
As an mainly defensive tankinig class, gem your equipments in such ways that will maximize your HP and defense.  The order of importance for gemming is as followed:

Physical Defense
Accuracy Gem

Evasion Gem

Do not worry about putting gems in any gear below 60 Soul Gear because you out levels your equipments pretty fast compared to the time that you would spend to upgrade your lower level equipments

You should slot in high level magic attack, ice attack and critical gems in every possible gear, generally speaking you would need to have +3 gems or better.  You could also consider HP gems to boost your HP to survive better in most situations. 

To gem up your equipments, focus on HP, physical defense, and Accuracy, then follows the set with Evasion.
Gear Fortification
You should save money for the major upgrades due for your level 100 Soul Gears.  To be cost effective and save your coins, you could simply fortify your lower level gears to +4 for the gem slots.  By level 100, you could spend most or all of your money to complete your level 100 Soul Gear to +10 or at least to +7 for 3 gem slots. You will become a very powerful offensive Champion when you are fully gemmed.

In general, as a defensive class, your goal is to tank the mobs and protect your team mate as much as possible while keeping the aggro on you. In general you should have a DPS pet that can deal great damages with you when you are soloing. But at higher levels you will need a Vit pet with great AoE skills that can survive tanking the hits with you and boosting your team’s damage output at the same time.

Your DPS pets should have the following Moods:

Naughty: Increases attack rate by 15%
Reckless: Increases Critstrike rate by 3%

Before level 50, you should use the best strength pet that could assist you with your general leveling. However you should not spend any significant money or coins in fortifying the pet because you will outgrow it very soon.

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