Using Keyword to Boost Adsense Earning as a Gaming Information Site

Using Keyword to Boost Adsense Earning as a Gaming Information Site
Unless you are a mega publisher such as GameFaqs or Gamespot, the chance is that you are a minor blogger who blog about video games and the findings that you have. However, because of your low traffic plus low paying keywords on your site, you will most likely earn pennies a day.
Advertisers do not really care about things like…Slime, Esper Sword, or Aboretum Increase payout. You will more likely get weird ads being served when you only this kind of content on your site. The truth is, you are the one responsibility to make yoursite into a relevant site that has good paying keywords. I will give some tips on how you can increase your income by adding these relevant yet higher paying keywords.

1. Add Gaming Hardware Blog Contents
Now, gaming hardwares on things that advertisers care about. The hardwares are quite profitable for the electronics companies and they do advertise on Google adsense to get the words out. Add gaming hardware contents in your blog such as the type of system needed to play which games. The top games for which systems. Or even gaming computers and their relevant components, these blogging posts will both be relevant to your readers and at the same time increase profit per click.

2. Place Those Contents as Links on Your Widget
Once you finish writing those contents, make sure that you place the link and relevant keyword link on your widget. Hopefully you would be able to trigger high paying yet relevant Ads with this strategy. Because the adsense spider does crawl the entire blog page, although widget does weigh less than the main posts, at least it will still help some.

3. Use Specific and Clear Keywords
Use specific and clear keywords when designing both your title and content. Make sure those keywords are high paying and popular for advertisers. Do some keywords research with the Google adwords search. You will be able to get a hand feel of which words are good pay and which words are not.

4. Promote Those High Paying Content Links
Because Adsense Ads spider does place more weight on the content of individual posts, convert some of your traffic to the high paying keyword page on your blog. Even if you have a low conversion rate between your regular crowd and the high paying adsenes content, the chance is that those conversions are good traffic that are more likely to click on the adsense ads. Why would they be interested in your high paying content in the first place anyway?

5. Example
Let’s say you have MMO focused blog like I did in the beginning, you could create some contents that dedicate to “The best gaming computer” with lots of juicy high paying high tech keywords. The real hardcore gamers who stumble on your blog will most likely be interested in those information. The advertisers do not care about your super character build or best leveling spots, yet they do care about the next profitable things that they could sell to your readers.
This concept can pretty much be used in any kinds of blog content writing. It is just the video games are such a reader generator with so little payout. You really need to be careful to make decent money writing about games, or else you would only be writing for pennies or less.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the post. I have a gaming website as well and for the past few months my adsense earnings have completely halted (though that's because i stopped blogging), I've restarted blogging again and I'm still not getting earnings but I get around a 100 unique visitors a day. What should I do to increase my click-through rate and increase traffic?