Do NOT Use Default Blogspot Adsense Offering

Do NOT Use Default Blogspot Adsense Offering
Blogspot offers some default adsense plugins within the blog itself. It can quickly monetize your site with some simple settings. Yet, I find it a bit lacking compared to the actual Adsense codes that you could otherwise put in. Below are the reasons why you should never use the default blogspot adsense offerings and instead creating custom HTML widgets to insert the adsense code manually.

1. Default Blogspot Adsense positioning is bad
Blogspot Adsense only offers a handful of AD positionings that may or may not work well with the formatting of your blog. With the bad positioning of Ads served that do not fit well with the format of your blog, you are essentially giving away potential income that you would other wise be making. With blogspot only placing Adsense codes in between your posts, you would be hindered if you have long posts because most people may never see the adsense Ads.

2. Default Blogspot Adsense Rarely Blends In
Default blogspot adsense never fully blends well with the text because it is inserted outside of your main posts. Because of this, it never blends well within your blog posts. Your readers have to really “Go to the AD to read it”. The default Ads settings are bad because they do not blend well with your content appearance wise.

3. Default Blogspot Adsense Offers Weak Tracking
Adsense comes with quite functional tracking system whenever you create custom Adsense codes. These tracking system can help you can a handle on how much you are making, how much impression you have per ad, and essentially whether or not the AD itself is worth it. The default Blogspot adsense currently does not offer such important metrics, therefore it is better to generate your custom code then insert the code into your blogspot widget manually.

4. Default Blogspot Adsense is Not Flexible
A huge part of the Adsense business is to experiment it around with both your readers and your content. You have to move things around once in a while to optimize it to see what kind of position, what kind of blog content, would generate the most income for you. The default blogspot adsense codes are not flexbile for you to experiment with any of those. Create your own custom AD codes to gain that flexibility.

5. Default Blogspot Adsense is Glitchy
It is a lot of programming that the blogspot team has to do to make sure that Ads work well with all kinds of layouts. However, not all the blogger layout template work well with the default Adsense coding. Not to mention that most of the time you tweak the settings and layouts yourself to achieve further appearance enhancements. Because of all these coding involved, the default blogspot adsense insertion becomes a bit glitchy. It often does not work the way you intend it to. Therefore, save the trouble and do not use it.


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