How Much can You Make With 500 or 10k Pageviews a Day

How Much can You Make With 500 or 10k Pageviews a Day
One thing that every beginning blogger ask is once they achieve a certain readership, how much money they could make out of their blogs. Below is a simple formula to calculate how much you could make. In most cases, you could get a good feeling on your potential income once you have reached a stage where your clicks are consistent. Below are the main adsense factors that you need to calculate how much you can make with 500 or even 10k pageviews per day.

1. Keywords Cost
Keywords cost is a biggie in Adsense earning calculation. If your keywords cost pennies for advertisers, you will get paid pennies in return. You can tell the average of your keyword costs by using the Google adwords tool. Just research the keyword that you use prominently in you blog, and look for the average cost – not the most expensive and not the cheapest, just somewhat in the middle, then you will be able to tell what you will most likely be paid for the adsense click. Remember to multiply that by 68% because that is your cut as a Adsense for Content publisher.

2. Advertisement Market Condition
The overall AD market condition will have an effect on your adsense earning. Are the companies eager to get new customers by putting in more AD budget? These will effect the chance of you obtaining higher profit per click adsense value as well as the chance to get more interesting ads that people will click on.

3. Traffic Type
What kind of traffic do you mainly have? Do you have a lot of oversea traffic? Traffic through search engine? Depending on the locations and source of your traffic, you adsense earning do differ because of the advertiser targeting policy.

4. Visitor Intention
What does your visitor intend to get out of your blog? Information? Or tips to buy services. If they intend to buy, you will most likely obtain a higher conversion rate which boost your adsense earning income.

5. Conversion Rate
Your visitor intention affect your adsense conversion rate, the more intented your readers are to buy things, the more likely they will click on the ads that sell the specific item.

6. Final Formula
Average Click Profit * Conversion Rate * Page Views
This sounds too simple to be true, yet it is how it is when it comes to adsense. Your final earning is really only based on these three factors. Everything else just affect these three factors. Below I will give you an example on how to get a good estimate of your adsense income based on the pageview.

7. How Much Can You Make With 500 or 10k Pageviews a Day
This is a theoratical practice that is based on assumed values. Let’s assume you write about video games. In general, video games adsense ads pay 0.3 on google adwords. So you get about 0.15 per click.

Let’s assume your site is content only, so people are not really looking to buy things off your blog. So you have a low converstion rate of 0.5%. Meaning that for every 200 page views, you get 1 click.

Now the truth comes out on how much you can make with 500 or 10k pageviews.
For 500 page views a day: 0.15 * 0.005 * 500 = 0.38 = You would make about 38 cent a day – which translates to around $130 an year.

For 10000 pageviews a day: You just make 20 times of what you make on 500 pageviews. Which is about 6 dollars a day – which translates to around $2000 an year.

This is a simple layout and estimation of how much you make with Adsense based on the pageviews.

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